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If you like lots of special effects and satisfying explosion, then Monk and Wizard are your top choices. If you love cooldowns and standing helpless in front of closed doors, may I recommend the Necromancer. If you prefer stylish game play and variety over power, Demon Hunter is your one stop shop. If you want to use only one and one only weapon for every single build, Witch Doctor is your friend. You get an army of pets to compensate for it, though. If you enjoy walking around and watch stuff die, Crusader is the one. And last, and also least, if you don't like fun, then go with Barbarian.
02/20/2018 02:49 PMPosted by DanTheMan
so what class and build do you find most fun, im not interested in the strongest i just want something fun and engaging for next season

without th game will be super boring. so just do yourself a favour and take a break.
My all time favourite build ive ever played is LoN frenzy thorns barbarian. Most fun ive had with that class, praying LoN gets a buff soon!
Crusader, necro, wizard, Barb, monk lol I enjoy pretty much all classes except witch doctor (mainly because I've put pretty much no time into one sense before seasons we're a thing).
My fav atm is DH Impale. Free Vaults, Unlimited Hatred and really, really tough. Not the top of the Leaderboard but I did a 102 recently.
I enjoy disintegrate meteor wizard with etched sigil. Just run around blow stuff up. Easy play style.
02/20/2018 10:18 PMPosted by SevenShadow
And last, and also least, if you don't like fun, then go with Barbarian.

When I read this all I heard was the lamentation of the women.
I can only say what others said before me...
Monk's exploding palm and DH's Impale are the most fun I builds I ever used :)

Edit: In fact, pretty much all of the DH builds are fun as hell. With the exception of rain of vengeance maybe.....that's pretty dull.
Monk WoL is my clear overall favourite, and it's powerful enough to easily clear the season as well.

After that, good old Helltooth WD still has a place in my heart, as well as different chicken Builds to speed through maps... chicken is just smoother than teleport or dash, since you just run.

I always liked the Cp. America Crusader builds as well, but their lack of power in the endgame ultimately turned me off again.

Edit: Oh, but honestly, the leveling builds I make up on the fly are the most fun of the entire season for me. They tend to change much, depending on what early legendaries I find.
02/21/2018 04:27 AMPosted by Meteorblade

Ahaha you wish >:D
02/21/2018 08:13 AMPosted by SevenShadow
Ahaha you wish >:D

Last time I checked, they are beating Dh's with ease. Welcome in meta.
Can skip trash.
Just sit back and try to be pretty with a bow and arrow, while the real champions play.
WD HT All the way baby!
DH Marauder-been playing it since season 1 and still love it
UE DH is my current favourite but being still noobish at the game there are many builds I haven't tried yet. Recently tried FB WZ and loving it.
I’ve been liking the hota barb build. Working on not being so fury starved though.

I am thinking about trying DH out or chicken WD seems fun also.,I’ve been like the hota barb build. Working on not being so fury starved though.

I am thinking about trying DH out or chicken WD seems fun also.
Necro, DH, and Wizard.
02/23/2019 05:52 AMPosted by Circus
I’ve been liking the hota barb build.

In game, perhaps. On the forum, it looks like you like Necro the most.
Depends on what Fun means to you.

To me, it is not worrying about cooldowns too much, so IK HoTA and WoLmonkey it is for me mostly.

Multishotting screens at a time also fits in sometimes...

Edit: Damn, didn't realize this was a one year old Necro. Much Props to Ryoko
Fun is subjective.

I have most fun in a season when I made different builds for different jobs.
This season I have

Shadow impale for solo push & GR team DPS/RGK
zMonk ( A few variants) for GR group support
Multishot Dh ( 2variants) for chill low/mid GR solo gem upgrades
Multishot Dh tuned for Bounty that focus on movement speed & fast trash claer & not died on bosses.
Frozen Orb Tal/sage/Gold find build for T13 rift for maximised gold & DBs

Play same build for entire season, I will get bored soon after getting guardian season objective.
2018 Necro Thread.
Weak, nice try.

If you're going to Necro, at least find a 2012-er.
2018 is like...Lol Surprise!

LOL Surprise!
That's the kids toy your 2018 Necro-attempt is like.
They look about the same when you hold them.
Which one are you going to get it's a secret.

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