Blessed shield - Shadow impale

I'm a DH main i play other characters but recently i have seen the blessed shield build for crusaders and i was wondering how much are they alike? As far as play style? I really like the shadows build and its play style but i also like to play other characters and get them atleast to gr 90. If someone could that has played both tell me what you think of them and what is the pros and cons of blessed shield vs shadows impale.
Play style between the two builds are quite similar but there are key differences. The biggest one for me would be mobility/speed.

If you're used to the near infinite vaults from the belt and have come to depend on its availability for those Oh $#!# moments to get away, you may not like crusaders. They're not designed for dive in, dive out gameplay. They do have a pony but it pales against vault because it gets interrupted by your other skills or the environment.

That said, saders are fun to play and if your goal is a GR90, blessed sheild will get the job done. And once you sufficiently gear up, you can switch to the more popular condemn build with just a few changes.

Another key difference would be single target damage. Impale excels at that, BS, not so much.

Lastly, saders require more CDR in order to maintain permanent AC. I think DH needs 37% while saders need 56.5(?)%. This makes gearing up a sader more difficult but not impossible.

TLDR - they're both GR90 viable and fun to play. Just go for it!
Thank you so much.
I believe HPS' 2 extra impales apply 6pc bonus too whereas, Blessed Shield only apply the Akkhan's Manacle Bracer's bonus to the first target.

BShield is still good vs trash because of the Akkhan's Leniency. I can stack it up to 40s in good density. But not so vs single RG when the buff hardly reaches 6...

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