Adjust Grift Key stack to 5k please

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03/09/2018 11:50 AMPosted by S4v4G3
I don’t really wanna comment anymore on this nonsense. But oh well.

ShadowAegis, I don’t know why you think that anything in this game that is beneficial for majority of playerbase should not be implanted because of botters. I don’t get this idiocy, I’m sorry. I don’t know what you know about botting, but I know a thing or two. Like a fact that years ago you could set fixed number of keys that bot will keep, along with xp pool management and means of getting them (search maps or do a key run), rotation at which bot will proceed, which gems to level, at what chance, which keywardens, what bounties, to which amount of mats, so on and so forth. Basically, whatever argument you wanna throw here, is pointless because there is no such thing as “slowing them down”. Even if it was, you really think that anyone that was botting had issue with bot losing a minute or 2 in an hour? Really? Lolz. But Bots are non existent in this patch, let’s start from this.

And why you think that anything game related should be balanced around cheaters is beyond me. I mean all your nonsense posts, with all these “facts” like “no need for keys when you are geared up” are pure gold. You refuse to realize that there is tons of people that purposely farm 300-500 Keys because there is several reasons for it. Some do it once a week to be able to jump onto group runs every time they log in next few days. Some farm it to push 4man/solo, which is typically heavy fishing. When I play season for example I farm keys everyday. You know why? Because there is 1.5-2 hours a day when I can play, but only solo and I need to be able to pause the game due to kids being awake. I cannot group up, and I cannot grind Greaters because I need to be focused for that. So I farm keys, this way when I’m free to play at night I can jump into group runs. But I still farm more keys than I burn a day. I’m always surplus in season, because that’s how my real life is impacting it.

I’m mean I really don’t get it. Why would you even broth this idiotic arguments here? Botting? Hoarding? Really?

ANSWER: SOLO BOUNTIES when kids are around. That's what I do and I also speed run GR87 which is a 4 minute task. It doesn't always have to be Rifts.
The game is built around an AVERAGE PLAYER BASE. If you get to far to the right or left of that you will have problems. You have people below that can't clear a GR70 to get Primal drops. PM the other side you get the people that need GR keys to stack to 5-10k because they play way more than the player base.

I play 15-20 hours a week on a heavy week maybe 30 if I have some extra days off. I have 2 kids and a family and a FT J O B.

I have just about 4k hours in the game since launch. I am around 500-600 GR keys all the time but I NEVER push the leaderboards that's for these kids too do.

I enjoy the game and make the leader board occasionally and the characters I play are usually around GR98-101. Enough said...

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