Looking for group to start season 13

Hello All,

I am going to give season 13 a try, since I have permission from my wife. :-) I am looking for a group of 3 more players to start season 13 leveling at 17:00 PST. It doesn't matter to me what character you will start out with. I will start with my old faithful crusader, and will share with anyone else in the group. I enjoy team work and helping others.

I would like to do the challenge rift while we are all level 1 for the items that we get immediately and can be put to immediate use for the blacksmith, mystic, and gem merchant. Afterwards, I would like to follow the leveling techniques that quickly get you to level 70. It should take less than two (2) hours to accomplish in a group setting.

One thing I need to mention is that I have a baby that I might have to leave the group for a few moments (it will be close to his bed time an hour after season starts (CST time for me)), so if that is not acceptable to any of you, I understand.

Since it's Friday I can be on fairly late and help the paragon leveling push. I learned a lot from season 12 on how to build my crusader, and I would like to challenge myself to improve on my 1500+ paragons of last season. Looking for some mature friendly gamers to assist in the opening of the season. I also have a discord server Codeblue009#0725. Please let me know if you are interested.

P.S. My second character will be a pestilence necro once I reach sufficient paragons.

I wish you all a successful and promising season 13.


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