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Go ninja class.
They are all going to easily finish seasonal journey, if I were you I'd pick a class you haven't played yet, so that you can try starting with something different and finish more class dungeons.

Some will start slightly slower, but once you get into a few GR's, you'll gear out super fast on all of them, and the game will turn into the usual GR grindfest.

Barb is pretty fun to start with. You basically do a CR, gamble for bracers (you can get a killer bracer that will give you a huge multiplier) and fly through levels. Than at lvl 40, craft lvl 70 weapon (since you'll have enough DB's from CR to upgrade your BlackSmith to max), reroll secondary to "reduced level requirement" and dude you'll rock it to 70.

Of course none of this matters if you start a week later and just get a 5 min PowerLevel to 70. Which is what most people do anyway.
Based on whim and from the things you listed, how about a nice Barb.

Oh, and fixed the downvotes. >.>
02/22/2018 03:59 AMPosted by KyubiVal
I ask here for this reason, to hear what experienced players with those classes have to say, because i know little to nothing about them and their seasonal sets.

While people can describe how the sets work for each class etc. It is easier to try and play them for yourself or watch how they play in videos.
Cause it is a matter of : what you wanna play/have fun with. While some find it fun to play a more complex build, others find it fun to have the least buttons to press. Some like the "more challenging" support builds, others not. Therefor my suggestion about, go watch some videos about the certain sets/builds or play them yourself before s13 starts tomorrow. Would give you a better idea visually than reading a text, that is most likely not going to be objective, since people can have their opinions on the different sets.
With the Rathma's "Rat Speed" meta you need to either go Necromancer or Barbarian if you don't want to stay behind (aka play competitively). It can do 85~90s in 4 minutes right off the bat (increasing up to 106s over the season), and it's fast to build the three necros with loot sharing. Of course you need a good group for it. With dedication you can get 900+ paragon in the first weekend.

Otherwise just play the class you're more comfortable with.

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