game deleted by Microsoft Win 10 re-install

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I recently had to reinstall WIN 10. After doing so I found out that my Diablo III game files (all of it) are gone. Disappeared. Is there any way I can re-install the game/access my account without having to repurchase?

Yes. You need to reinstall the Blizzard app located Here. Once you have your Blizzard app installed, login and click the Diablo III tab you will see the big blue button that says: Install -> The game will install.

Thank you!
What Zuvykree said is true, all you have to do is download the Blizz Bnet Desktop App and login with your credentials

Youll have access to all your games with licenses attached to them via the app.

P.S. Be sure you set the Network Speeds for Game Install downloads in options/settings to a "0".. otherwise the downloads will be super slow and youll be waiting a long time!

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