RGK or any group Sader?


So I made the choice a while ago to only play crusader as I could not keep up between ults. I have deleted all my other class except on barb (just in case).

I have mained sader and have been hoarding anything since primals were introduced and have decent gear for most sader builds, but have never really group high GR, so my gems are low. I have never been able to group much, because last season seeker was too much in groups for my computer and this season noone I know was wanting a sader. I had a monk that was zdps for a week or so , but I deleted it as monk is just not for me.

Can anyone help me create something that most groups would let me either zdps or rgk or anything group wise with? I have named my ults via the set I am stashing stuff with. So my toon named "fury" is equipped with the set for what could be an RGK, not even sure if I can build an acceptable zdps with a sader, but I would love to, as everyone has just asked me play my barb or monk and I really just want to only sader.

Well that is hard to respond to.
Sader is great solo for groups there is always something better in each variation.
Sure you can the the place of aoe dps to about 115 but wd or wiz do it better.
Tho you can play rgk but at very high gr and even so the necro still shines as it brings utility during the rift.
Zdps I can't even comment on that there are plenty of utilities but even wd has better chance.
Saying all that it depends on what gr you want to play

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