PvP mode is possible

PvP mode should be separate from other mods:
campaign, adventure, challenge rift, brawling

what should be in pvp mode?

- all characters models (male/female)
- animation of all skills/runes
- images/transmogrifications of all items (all items without stats, as cosmetics; no matter the two-handed or one-handed weapon, the attack speed will be the same)

- in pvp mode players use pvp-characters with pvp-abilities
- in pvp mode all characteristics (AS, CDR, CHD, CHC, Vit, Armor, Life, AD, Main stat, Movement Speed and many others) are built only in characters and their skills/runes
- in pvp mode all skills/runes and characters have their own properties/numbers not the same as in other modes

- all Pets and minions must be destructible (Sentry and Hydra too)

- various arenas (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4)
- pvp achievements
- pvp rewards

what should not be in pvp mode?

- no passive skills
- no character level
- no paragon level
- no followers
- no Caldesann’s Despair (ofcourse)
- no Kanai's Cube
- no unnecessary characteristics (Pickup Radius, Thorns Damage, Gold Find and many others)
- no items: no white, no blue, no yellow, no orange, no green.
- no gems/legendary gems
- no legendary affixes and set bonuses (but ofcourse some of them can be built into skills/runes)

there is nothing superfluous that could disrupt the balance

how it will looks?

- we go to pvp mode
- we choose the character
- we choose the gender of the character
- we choose six skills/runes
- we choose the appearance of the character (images/transmogrifications of items)
- we choose the desired number of players in the arena (2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4)
- we press search
- we get to the arena where we fight :D

P.S. sorry for my english, it's not my native language :)
very nice! its doable we all know pvp it's doable, the problem is it need work
Well thought out... and your English is just fine... better than most English as a first language speakers.

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