Error 317002

Technical Support
The game played fine yesterday but today it lets me log in, get character list, but attempts to launch a game result in an error 317002 ... Unable to create game.
I've reset my profile - no help
I ran a scan and repair and no changes were required
I made no changes to my PC but after I noticed the problem I rebooted and the was an OS update (Windows 10).
What next?
having the same issue...
same issue here as well, just checked all drivers, windows up date, the full shabang.

Running Windows 10 64bit Professional.
@ Vega 64's in xfire.
Ryzen 7 1700x

Checked all drivers for motherboard and nic card as well. Every other game I have from Blizzard seems to be working just damn fine.

Just completed scan and repair, DNS flush, ip release/renew still won't start.

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