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Hello guys,

what build should I play in 4-player? We have a party of zmonk, barb, necromancer, and me as demon hunter. So far I played impale, up till GR90, but now i feel a bit weak... Like there are no much difference if I am there or not :)

I collected items for the Natalya\Marauder variation, but i didn't try yet, I am worry that might be too slow in party. (also I didn't figure out what variaton to play... fire maybe, loaded for bear?)

And I have a stupid question, sorry... Why the Nat\Marauder combination is better than the pure Marauder? The Nat 6 bonus gives 3500% bonus, while the Marauder gives 3000%\sentry. The marauder bonus doesn't apllied to the sentries, only to the other companions?

What should I play in group with the demon hunter?

thank you in advance
04/05/2018 11:48 AMPosted by Bear
The marauder bonus doesn't apllied to the sentries, only to the other companions?
Your mistaken about the 4 piece bonus from Marauders. It makes your sentries hit 400% harder, sentries are a pet, just like the wolf and everything else.

It's the same reason people use the Enforcer gem in the spec, the sentries are considered a Pet and will deal bonus damage with the gem.

Also, the Nat 6 piece bonus damage of 3500% dmg is considered "open" and non-restricted. It boosts the damage of the sentries by another 3500%.

So while using N6/M4, sentries are actually receiving:
= M4 Bonus * N6 Bonus
= (1 + 400 * 0.01) * (1 + 3500 * 0.01)
= 5 * 36
= 180x more damage

where M6 is:
Pets/Sentries deal:
= 1 + 400 * 0.01
= 5x more dmg

and as you pointed out, the 6 piece bonus makes your attacks deal:
= 1 + (3000 * 5 Sentries) * 0.01
= 1 + 15000 * 0.01
= 151x more damage

04/05/2018 11:48 AMPosted by Bear
What should I play in group with the demon hunter?

What ever fits the groups needs best; I don't know much about the current group play meta, but:
- are you clearing and grouping trash?
N6/M4 would probably be better then SM6 in this case

- are you hunting just elites or are you just needed for the RG?
SM6 will probably be the better choice here

- are you best to just spec as support for the group?

N6/M4 does have the highest solo clear for DHs, but doesn't mean it will be best for how your group is playing. You might want to experiment with different specs, or just keep pushing with Impale for as long as you feel comfortable with it in the group, before you try other specs.
DH will feel weak with a Lance-Necro in the group.
I think S6 is pretty versatile for groups:
- You can scout ahead for Pylons and pull because of good movement
- You can wear nemesis (or strongarms - both great for groups if zmonk has not both - ask him). Think strongarms do stack in groups if all apply the knockback
-Numbing traps adds more def for all in range (be the bodyguard of the squishiest)
-Kill/help with elites
-Collect the health orbs
-With Zmonk you can drop easily some toughness.
For instance: Drop FoK und use MoD and Wolf and/or drop Aquilas and cube frostburns (if you run cold - freeze and more DPS) or maybe even drop elusive and use SoJ instead (CoE cubed) for faster elite killing.

You could also focus on Bosskiller- but that shouldn't be needed for 90s. But you can try stricken - it may work for normal elites too.

I guess WD build is build for trash. I had good experience in groups with S6 with high AD, Pullmonk and PE where there was no trash killer. The pulled mobs will boost your IAS very high and trash killing works.

It will depend on the other builds (not classes) what works best and how fast the group is. So other DH builds might work - S6 usually works with all groups decent however other classes have better group builds.
depends on your barb/necro setup. if its anything like an rgk necro then i'd probably pick ue for trash killing and he can clean up elites left behind. if its a zbarb and rgk, you definitely need to kill the trash regardless of setup you pick. if its dps barb, id focus more on elite kills and let him deal with trash mostly.

til you get to higher levels it really shouldnt matter much, having a zmonk alone should mean 3-5 min 90s every time. if im in a random group with a zmonk i play ue up to 105ish comfortably, only problem is the huge disparity in toughness vs s6 if they skip a bunch.

afaik bots only adds vs rg, ubers, act bosses
M6 Cluster Bombs is decent. UE nades is also good in a group, if I recall correctly.
If your WD is firebats and you are finding the trash is cleared before elites die, then S6 Impale is probably the most ideal match up. Often, there are situations when the necro cannot finish off elite(s), 5-25% health remains with a long cooldown, and since you don't have a barb who can efficiently drag elite(s) to the next pack of trash you have to kill them on the spot. S6 Impale is the best finisher --

If your WD is Jade or HT Garg, then I'd recommend another supporting trash clearer. N6M4 Cluster Arrow Fire (favorite pick for your situation), M6 Cluster Bombs and UE6 Multishot are great too.

If you're really pushing and your WD/Necro are dying, any build with a sentry can give 42% DR with Guardian Turret and Numbing Traps.

There is a lot to consider and most of it hinges on your WD's build.
he didnt say anything about playing with a wd tho
04/06/2018 09:51 AMPosted by callmelord
he didnt say anything about playing with a wd tho

Lol valid point. I made the wd up - dunno why.
i was more referring to dmkt whos whole post was about wd, but yeah. i think the main changes would go around barb and necro setup

zbarb+rgk, you need to clear trash, at 90s i think the speed and setup of n6m4 would be too slow so id say ue

dps barb + rgk, elite killer s6 seems fine

zbarb and rat necro, bots and rgk s6 seems fine

dps barb and rat, probably still rgk but 90s is so low i cant imagine what matters.

would be easier if we knew the others setups also
Back i go to reading comprehension 101.

In light of Barb being a party member, the best options are the trash clearing builds:

M6 Cluster Bombs (#1 choice)
N6M4 Cluster Arrow (Fire)
UE6 Multishot (Physical)
UE6 Grenades

Wear lots of Area Damage gear, 134-154% is ideal. The cool thing about the first two builds is the similarity in gear, once you have M6 augmented, you're halfway towards N6M4 fire. Run both and see which works best for your party.
Impale dh is a good replacement for a pull barb.
Thank you guys, a lots of help, I will experiment a bit with the recommendations. Looks like the first thing I have to decide if I am needed as trash killer or not. I am not sure about the barb (hammer of ancients with immortal king set) and necro spec (he using Inarius set) in the team, so far we just went up in rifts until we can with just for fun, so might be nothing professional. Now need some scientific setup polishing for goin' higher, thats why I am trying to get info :)
The most important thing is to have fun first. You'd be surprised how far a good group of players can push without defaulting to meta builds.

If your team is truly motivated by progression, I recommend asking each friend to set aside items and augments for specialist meta builds. But again, fun first.

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