[Guide] VileCharge IK6.RK4 Updated for S17

Skills & Gearing Example: https://www.d3planner.com/988459696

Guide Video: https://youtu.be/OAjLFIhlWAE
the guide parts are all in text, mainly at the top of the screen. It is just over 40 minutes and covers almost every aspect in a large list of things I could think of, filmed within the span of 2 days.

Part 2 of a guide video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqX45QNSvyk&t=127s
This one I decided to record my voice real-time while I was playing (acting like I am streaming or something) while explaining what I am doing and offering tips/opinions. Good for people still trying to grasp the build. Not that useful for many of the players better than me. It is a 118 and 2x119s, at normal speed, with both 119s going back-to-back. Not a ton of variety in RG kills, as it was 2 more Man Carvers and Perdition. The first Man Carver kill showcased a pretty solid use of the terrain. I may try to record going for a 124-126, it just depends on my availability.

Skill setup will be Furious Charge (rune depends on elemental damage on bracers/amulet), Wrath of the Berserker:Insanity, Call of the Ancients:Together as One, Battle Rage:Bloodshed, Sprint:Marathon, and Seismic Slam:Rumble

Hellfire 5th Passive: Ideally, Brawler for more DPS or Relentless* for more Toughness.


Stricken / Trapped / Wreath of Lightning (DPS) or Esoteric (Toughness)*

Gear Gems: Helm is typically Amethyst, but can be a Diamond for CDR. Chest/Legs will be Diamonds.


Standoff (Pole-arm) / Vile Ward (Shoulders) / Ring of Royal Grandeur (Ring)


Pick your best 3 IK & 2 Reakor's pieces from the following: Helm, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Boots

Helm: STR / VIT / 6% CHC / OPEN SOCKET // Secondary preference with Physical Resist

Chest: STR / VIT / 15% FC% // Secondary preference with %Melee Damage Reduction, %Ranged Damage Reduction, Physical Resist

Gloves: STR / CHC / CHD / AD% // Secondary preference with Physical Resist

Pants: STR / VIT / AR

Boots: STR / VIT / AR / Movement Speed or Armor

IK Belt: STR / VIT / AR / LIFE % or LpFS // Secondary preference +Max Fury

Shoulder: Reakors: STR / AR / AD% / FC%

Bracers: APD's: ELEM% / STR / VIT / CDC% // Secondary preference %Melee Damage Reduction

For secondary’s stats when optional you’ll want 1) Melee or Range damage reduction 2) type of Resist (phy preferably)


Rings: Band of Might, Convention of Elements.
Optional: Unity

CHC / CD / AD% or Average Damage or STR (Area Damage is the best option)

For secondary’s stats when optional you’ll want a resist (phys)


Recommended: 1)Hellfire Amulet with any of the 6 recommended passives from Ruthless, Rampage, Brawler, Berserker Rage, Nerves of Steel (or Relentless)

1) ELE% / CHC / CHD // Secondary Preference of %Melee Damage Reduction


IK Boulder Breaker: DMG% / STR / LpFS (or AD%) / Open Socket // Secondary preference +Max Fury


Core: Movement Speed to 25% > Max Fury > VIT to a target HP-level (e.g. I recommend around 750K-850K HP for most non-elite level players up to GR115) > STR

Offense: CHC > CHD > CDR > ASI

Defense: AR > LIFE% > ARMOR > LR

Utility: AD > LOH > GF > zRCR

I tend to at least try for 110% AD (50% Paragon, 20% Gloves, 20% Shoulders, 20% on at least 1 ring). There are several different ideas on Life % and LpFS, with the most common setup being LpFS on your Weapon and 15% Life on your belt. If you are having trouble recovering health, a dual Life per Fury Spent setup is optimal, because if you have +Max Fury on both your weapon and belt, you will recover somewhere between 600-800K HP from Boulder Toss. The trade-off is that you will need more points in VIT to hit your target HP range.

Sprint:Marathon, WoTB:Insanity and Wreath of Lightning all add to movement speed, which increases your DPS output. The more mobs you can charge against, the better. There are 3 styles of Furious Charge that most players will need to employ at any given time -- Long Distance "End-to-End Charges" which is good for survival and also large group DPS. Short Distance, but more frequent, "Ping Pong Charges" which is good for smaller group, targetting a specific mob or utilizing your occulus ring spawns. However, they make you more prone to being hit by heavy melee swings (e.g. Entombed Hulks or Dark Berserkers) and also ranged attacks (e.g. Lacuni Huntress or Vile Temptress). Lastly, "Wall Charging" mainly used to fight the Rift Guardian.

You typically will only be able to kill Champ/Elite packs on large, open maps in which those mobs follow you around from pack to pack. This is a trash-killing build that will either need a long-term fight or Conduit Pylons to kill large packs of blues/yellows. There are always outliers that will prove this to not matter, but they are fairly uncommon. Shield Pylons are also solid to help smash down blue/yellow mob groupings, barring you have enough mobs to reset the FC cool-down. Speed Pylons can be good for DPS or finding better density or moving onto the next map (all 3, really). Power Pylons are best saved versus the RG.

Some RGs will be unbeatable in "average" circumstances, such as having 3:29 or less, to kill them. Some RGs are killable with 4+ minutes, especially if you have a Power Pylon. Some RGs are unkillable with 4 minutes and a Power Pylon at high-GR levels. It will be up to your character's gear, your account Paragon level and your play-style and ability to see what those are. On average, I personally hate the following RG: Vesalius, Perendi, Blighter, Voracity, Eskandiel, Hamelin, Stonesinger, and the Choker. I absolutely love Saxtris and always appreciate a good Sand Shaper, Raiziel and even at this point in my GR clears -- Cold Snap (on a map I can easily wall charge him on). The bosses not mentioned will gather mixed results depending on the map tile, time and pylon availability. You will need to wall-charge versus RGs, and that will be allowed the easiest in small hallways or against pillars/pylons. Lastly, some RGs are killable only on maps that allow you wall charge them THROUGH a pillar so they cannot turn around and quickly one-shot you (Blighter comes to mind).

The most common mistakes are people trying too hard to finish off packs of mobs and running out of FC charges, trying to force the killing of blues/yellows (especially true if you kill 4 out of 5 blue mobs and the last one is just BARELY alive, but you just cannot keep attacking it) and trying to fight the RG without utilizing the Wall Charge tactic. Also, keep an eye out for your Ancients and ensure they do not die off. Heavy hitting, melee-dense mobs are great at killing them (Lacuni, Dark Berserker, Phase Beast, Emtombed Hulk rifts come to mind).
Thanks, we needed this updated.
Good stuff brother! We needed a current/updated guide:)
good guide, thank you.

btw, how much area damage is considered optimal? currently running 90% in total
AD should be 110+
i play this exact build, but for Grifts i use Hota instead of charge (hota bracers and hammer in cube), was able to do up to 90 with this setup.

For t13 this charge build is really strong since everything will die just from charging it once =)
I usually use the gold-gem for t13 runs since it also gives move-speed.

Ik6+R4 = superfun!
So actually, looking at this guide and setup, CDR isn't even required for this IK6 build.
I don't feel like any CDR outside of your paragon points is required. There are several people I've seen that run Diamonds in their helm, with the trade-off that it is more mistake friendly in missing charges and it easier to keep WOTB up (but it really doesn't take much getting used to). I usually throw a boulder early into my WoTB timer and then either if I need the HP or shortly after my CoE cycles out of my element.
you dont need CDR, dumping your fury 2 times is enough to reset it just dont forget to do so.
If you take care while charging you will never run out of charges.
Just remember to dump your fury before you charge in and after you activated sprint =)
I was thinking CDR more for your Furious Charge. Wrath is easy enough to keep up.
04/17/2018 03:55 AMPosted by Jako
I was thinking CDR more for your Furious Charge. Wrath is easy enough to keep up.

Some people like to build CDR to about 43% for a 3-mob reset on Furious Charge. It will help facilitate killing more blue/yellow packs, but that always takes far too long. I am not going to try and claim this for a fact: but I highly doubt you will find any high-level clears with extra CDR versus AD/Average Damage.

I have seen some solid clears with Diamonds in the helm, though, even in Hardcore, to help with a soft-FC reset. Once you get the hang of the build and what is and isn't worth fighting, you really don't need it. Certain RGs that "Hover" or Teleport/back away from walls get super annoying, though.
I took my HP from 850K down to 750K when I transitioned from 114 to 115. At the time of the clear my STR: 23,120 (114-115 Augments). VIT: 5073 (751K HP). LpFS: 3,560 with 182 Fury. AD: 107%. Gems: 124 Trapped/Stricken.

750K HP is plenty as long as you do 3 key things. 1) Utilize Long charges as often as possible. 2) Don't stick around trying to fight a bunch of Arcane and Fire Chains mobs that are gonna kill you, even if you have 1M HP. 3) Wall Charge versus RGs that can kill you and if you have to recast Ancients so they aggro the RG, do it whenever you must.

I did this after looking at a video from one of Chainer's clears last season where he did GR115 and noticed he had 23,387 STR and 4603 VIT (which put him around 750K HP with 15% Life on his belt).

I completed GR114 with 5748 VIT and 851K HP, but around 22K STR. Most of the time I felt like I was really battling the clock when I was doing 115, versus 114 I was just waiting for a good rift.

The 115 was a Festering Woods with slow zombies/fatties, in which I was able to kill 2 blue packs (Channeling Pylon). 2nd map, went into a Pandemonium Fortress style map that two different speed boosting rooms [I will charge around the edges really quickly to break everything and get the DPS boost from it] with Lacuni Huntresses and Phase Beasts, that also had a Dark Cultist fire chains 4-pack that I was able to kill because they followed through the entire map. 3rd map, was an A2 dungeon map that had a bunch of Fallen Shaman and Blazing Guardians that I just skipped through (Shield Pylon). 4th and final map was a Battlefields of Eternity that had Vile Swarms and Dark Moths. RG was Saxtris, which I played too cautiously or I could have shaved off another 20-30 seconds. I played for the safe clear as soon as I saw that he was my RG spawn, because I had a good chunk of time of the bar when he spawned... I essentially knew I was going to beat it.

No Power. No Conduit.
Lately on Reddit, a lot of folks are asking for tips about Vile Charge. Can we flesh this guide out, include more information on game play, early-season stuff, etc?
I've taken a hiatus from D3 for personal reasons, but it looks like I may be back around the 17th of July. I'll try to see if I can get a little more specific. I had to end my season, last season, really early (pretty much a few days after I finished the last right on my leader board clear).
Thank you for this guide. I was playing R6 hota and leapquake, but ancient Immortal King weapon dropped, so I had to give it a try, first ancient weapon this season (started week ago). Still learning charge mechanics, losing charges here and there, but I do 2 - 3 minute 70's for shards, gear and gems. T13 seems faster with it too than R6 in comparison, I think it is because it kills everything as it goes, and with r6 it was mostly elite to elite. Gear is still a mess, but does the job for now.
hi, how much cdr do I need to guarantee always have FC on?
What can I do to increase the horrible single target damage this build has?
11/24/2018 06:12 AMPosted by Hadd
What can I do to increase the horrible single target damage this build has?


You fish for RGs and maps/mobs. This build is VERY fishy, especially for RGs.
Is Wreath of Lightning better than BoP for pure dmg? If I have to choose 1 of them.
Is focus n restraint better with the free RORG?

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