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I'd really like to get back to PoE and try get a grip from the game. Unfortunately absolutely hideous optimization has now twice prevented this.

What am I talking about? The disk usage is horrendous. The game lauches, run otherwise fine in DX9 mode on my older rig but the HDD won't shut up. It crunches constantly. Is the game trying load all of its assets into the RAM?

Sure, I could make the issue tiny bit less problematic by installing the game to my SSD but that doesn't actually solve the issue.

This issue first appeared after patch 3.0.0, before that the game ran fine without any disk usage issues or any other meaningful performance issues. Something after that patch made the game just worse.

Until that gets fixed somehow, D3 is better in my books.
04/12/2018 03:42 AMPosted by Madrox
I feel like I'm the only one who enjoys D3 and POE >_> multiple paragon 800+ characters obtained in D3 seasons and multiple lvl 85+ characters in POE... I cant be the only one who likes both >_>

I do like both of them. Now I mainly play D3 on PS4 and PoE on PC. Skipped Bestiary almost completely but managed to do a few lvl90 characters and 30 challenges. Season 13 on D3 going strong in HC. Enjoying it a lot still even if it’s exactly the same as S12.
I have three major problems with PoE.
    1) The need for trading. It's a nice option, but it's pretty much mandatory.
    2) The clunkiness of the Combat & Movement skills. Everything just feels terrible compared to D3.
    3) Poorly designed UI. The Atlus and the various crafting/item tabs need some sort of auto-fill/selection so you don't have to constantly go to your stash.

That being said. PoE is an AMAZING game that actually has true build diversity and a Map system that completely destroys D3s GRs. (Both are things D3 needs)

Both games offer completely different experiences & are flawed in their own ways.
It's pretty silly to say one is better than the other; they are just different & cater to different audiences.

I personally prefer D3 for one reason alone; The Combat. No other aRPG comes close to touching it. I love the complexity of PoE but I've never been able to enjoy it because of how mediocre the combat feels.
04/11/2018 04:49 PMPosted by r3dstar
Dear D3 Devs,

THANK YOU. I started out with Diablo 1, then Diablo 2...Then Diablo 3, played it for a long time, countless hours. Recently forgot about it and moved on to "hip" games. I even tried Path of Exile, but wow. What a mistake. I took so much that D3 has to offer for granted. Identify all? Nope. Right click to sell items to Merchants? NOPE. Fair items, leveling progression..? No. Instead what I discovered was a massive D2/3 clone. For example, in PoE, The "Marauder" (think Barb) uses "Sunder". Directly ripped off the D3's barbs skill "Seismic Slam".

I also found out one hideous secret about PoE. If you want to be one of the good players, you have to have mass wealth, think tons of exalted and chaos orbs. Guess what, no normal person will find many of these. So, conveniently, theirs several websites you can purchase whatever you need money wise to buy (or craft) your own items. I wouldn't be surprised if PoE Devs actually owned some of these item sites. I mean, who really has 415k exalted orbs anyways...?

In the end, coming back to Diablo has been an extreme and much needed breath of fresh air. Better play mechanics, better sound, better physics, better items, fair items, fair everything. You see, in Diablo 3, I can have a god-tier GG character, and I don't, have to spend any money to get there.

Thank you Blizzard.

Don't come to the D3 forums to criticize POE. POE is a far superior game to D3, its a well known fact. Just because D3 dumbed down the arpg genre so avg. casuals can havea good time doesn't mean thats what the ARPG genre should have been.

And if you are going to criticize POE atleast get your points straight. The reason people has 415 exalts is because they have been playing since day 1 and this is only true in the standard league. In the new leagues no one has that many.

And second of all, its very easy to farm in POE, you can exchange any of the lower tier orbs to chaos orbs and then exchange CHaos orbs to Exalts. You have to know how to far efficiently in POE to have mass wealth and this is the same in D3, well in D3 u can bot endlessly to get mass wealth so i don't see how this is a valid point. Sunder is a way better skill and more fun to play than Seismic Slam for barb in D3.

If you don't like in depth build, various skill modifications and are prone to hand holding shallow item build handed down to you that requires no brain work then yeah D3 is the perfect game for you. No complains there.

POE has a much better lore than the ponies in D3 anygiven day.
D2 is a breath of fresh air after D3. No question about that.
PoE? too different than both games to compare.

D3 is frustrating / very-not enjoyable compared to D2. There's nothing to look for in D3...no quests..no rare loot...its just GR's n group zdps....so lame.

lol D3 is a breath of air compared to PoE...and D2 is...what exactly?
I like how streamlined and approachable D3 is. You can try things out on a whim and switch back and forth all you want. The whole basic design is to encourage experimentation, and it mostly works early on. It doesn't start falling apart until end-game with sets and stacking legendary powers tailored to those limited sets and supported skills.
04/12/2018 06:51 AMPosted by LostSoul
I like how streamlined and approachable D3 is. You can try things out on a whim and switch back and forth all you want. The whole basic design is to encourage experimentation, and it mostly works early on. It doesn't start falling apart until end-game with sets and stacking legendary powers tailored to those limited sets and supported skills.

It falls apart fairly quickly then because there’s no leveling game and getting a set doesn’t take very long. Especially in a Season, where you get a set for free.
D3 = better combat physics, animations.
Poe= superior arpg gameplay.

Currently PoE destroys D3 contentwise and blizz seems to have given up, but i am tired of both games tbh, arpg fans needs a new AAA game with up to date graphics, no game currently offers this on the market(maybe wolcen, we'll see)
I stopped playing PoE a while ago, but not because I thought it was a bad game. I found the sphere system was needlessly bloated up with +10 (stat) way beyond what should have been necessary. I liked the sphere system overall though, it just feels like it could be pruned down a bit. Combat felt clunky and slow for my Ranger.

I did like the idea of using gems to customize your abilities and the socket system was interesting for gear to link these gems together. They made sure there were a lot of different gems and that they could all be useful. Drop rates felt about right. As to the economy and trading, I can have no comment because I only played self-found.

Maybe I'll go back to it some day and see how far it has come in the last 2 years since I played.

I've been playing Titan Quest and Grim Dawn for ARPG when I am not playing Diablo 3. I like the skill tree system and being able to combine two classes to mix and match abilities to create your own unique blend. Stories are both pretty good and loot drops are typically interesting and inspirational to new builds on new characters. Unfortunately, these two seem to be overlooked when it comes to other optional ARPG out in the market.

I like Diablo 3 for what it is. There are flaws I dislike, but overall I still find it to be a fun game, if overly simplified, ARPG-Lite. If I want more in depth builds, I float to Titan Quest and Grim Dawn and dig in. When I play D3 I tend to look for fun to play builds that can make it to T13 (I dislike GR and haven't bothered to go past 90, to me there is no real point to push it).

There are different ARPG's for a reason. Instead of bashing one over another and starting flame wars, why not be constructive about the one you like and why. Maybe everyone can find another game to enjoy that way.
Both PoE & D3 has their pro & con, Thats coming from someone with over 700hours (info from steam) & over 400€ in PoE. You name all the tools, I have them, Path of building, logout marco, item info marco, currency cop, custom flasking script etc.

I beat all the end game bosses, within my 1st full league & its a pretty good achievment considered I am quite casual, & my people played for years & not done so.

I was also very active on the forum.

I enjoyed most of my 700 hours in PoE so I can't complained, but I was careless in spending, mostly on tabs & armors (each full armor about cost 48€). I was burnout & the game not being fun, so I moved on. Also a key factor is that I feel the developers got too greedy, so I quit to make a stand.

Instead of a wall of text, I just list down the pro & cons I have with PoE.

- Many viable builds & great for theory crafting.
- Combat (aka killing monster) feels satisfying
- Visual is decent (not great though)
- Lots of ways to dress up your char (MTX) if you are willing to pay.
- Great itemization.
- Constant updates
- More nice unique maps
- Beefy campaign that spin 10 acts.
- Your character grows (put points to passive tree) as you level.

- MTX is extremely expensive, & not justified the price for most part. (Yes its F2P, but the price is insane)
- Awful end game that lack variation & locked under RNG. You will be doing maps (greater rifts) far lower than your capability due to rarity of higher level maps.
- God awful level known as the Lab. I take going to dentist or visiting the salon over item & & hate dentist & going for haircut.
- Best way to play is to keep playing the same few "best map", like vault, & put stupid circles on the Atlas.
-Shallow gameplay. Every end game build is a speed build, eventually after you put enough time & get the best gears, you are so OP, that every mob fall like dominos, at any level (inclue T16). Also, once you get enough leech (the thing D3 removed), you can just facetank.
- !@#$ty turn of century trading system, ala D2.
- Not optmised for MP. If you want a good MP online game, forget PoE. Its lack fantasy land, & 4th of July with fireworks just caster the screen as almost every end game builds uses skills that fill entire screen. You can't see %^-* in SP if you use some of the builds like molten strike or frost bladealso.
- Characters look god awful ugly, as are most default armors.
- RNG. Every arpg has RNG, but PoE took it overboard.
04/11/2018 05:03 PMPosted by r3dstar
I shouldn't have to spend real world $$ to buy exalted or chaos orbs simply so I can craft items that I need to progress. OR buy them at all, really.

You shouldn't. The game never said to do that. You can get a 6 socket by playing the game. You can also play SSF (no trade whatsoever), which has its own ladders. I never spent a dime buying items from third party sites (who does that anyway, it's so sketchy that only dumb people use those). You can't be seriously bashing the game because of your own stupidity. The game might be bad for other reasons, but not for "i need to spend real moneyz to get a 6 link".

Now, the cons Kiadaw listed make sense.
Path of Exile sucks.
04/12/2018 03:35 PMPosted by calavera
04/11/2018 05:03 PMPosted by r3dstar
I shouldn't have to spend real world $$ to buy exalted or chaos orbs simply so I can craft items that I need to progress. OR buy them at all, really.

You shouldn't. The game never said to do that. You can get a 6 socket by playing the game. You can also play SSF (no trade whatsoever), which has its own ladders. I never spent a dime buying items from third party sites (who does that anyway, it's so sketchy that only dumb people use those). You can't be seriously bashing the game because of your own stupidity. The game might be bad for other reasons, but not for "i need to spend real moneyz to get a 6 link".

Now, the cons Kiadaw listed make sense.

No because PoE sites selling EX and Chaos don’t exist. And people that play PoE would NEVER buy EX or C for real world $$..,You’re right, no one would buy that stuff for crafting purposes.... and I’m sure no one does in PoE because you don’t, and obs, you’re beyond perfect. People who aren’t like you are “stupid.”

So tell me, in a game such as PoE that strictly focuses on your wealth to be a GG player instead of a mediocre player, in a game that charges real $$-$30 (or more) simply for footstep cosmetics, $40 for armor set, $30 for wings, ad naseum, nah in PoE you don’t “have” to buy anything. But, 90% of them do. I don’t know one god-tier player that didn’t go all the way with Cosmetics. And if you didn’t play PoE from the start, good luck crafting your own items. Because you won’t be able to afford it.

Blizzard realized this and corrected it. Remember the Auction House? It was a shining example of Greed just like PoE is. D3’s item system is far superior to any Arpg. Anyways, I found out PoE’s dirty little secret. It wasn’t as fun as D3 and costs an exhorbiant amount of real $$ to play it.
You know what's annoying? Choose whatever game that you enjoy, as many games as you enjoy. That's why you spend your leisure time gaming in the first place. Just stop comparing one purchase model against a completely different model to attempt to prove a point.

Blizzard throws in stuff included with the purchase of the game, expansion and DLC and POE supporters explain how it should be more. Then PoE charges for the same stuff included in Diablo purchase and it's explained that you don't need/require or should desire such things. Some people enjoy having the complete pay one price package. Others enjoy paying as they go for only what they require/desire. One way or another, overall, either GGG or Blizzard is getting your dollars.

I'm also tired of reading how Blizzard abandons their games. Diablo 1,2 and 3 are still alive and supported. Warcraft III just got a free update on their 16 year old game. Starcraft is still alive and well and getting updates. Could this game use more attention and development, of course! Is it abandoned? Judging by the last patch and the Necromancer DLC, I would say no. We don't know what Blizzard's new focus for the Diablo Franchise is, but we know by the job postings that something is in the works. New Game? New DLC? Who knows. Abandoning the Diablo franchise? Don't think so.

PoE is based on Micro-Transactions; so of course their more hands on with content and updates. They have to be, that's where their revenue lies. It's understandable. Just stop kidding yourself into believing that they are so generous and out simply to please the players who "don't need to spend a dime". Get hooked on a game and you spend money on the fluff. It's what keep them alive. Nothing wrong with that at all. But it's not "Free" for most avid gamers that want as much as they can get out of a game.
PoE? Path of Exile or Pillars of Eternity?

I tried both, bought Pillars of Eternity. Path of Exile is crap in my opinion. Pillars of Eternity brought the nostalgia of Baulder's Gate back to me, I thoroughly enjoy that game when I play it. I tried to enjoy Path of Exile, but alas, it wasn't happening.

I wonder, are all of these facts people are spewing really facts? Or are they personal opinions? If they are indeed facts and Path of Exile is far superior to D3, then why aren't I enjoying Path of Exile right now at this very moment. If Path of Exile is far superior to Diablo III then why didn't I enjoy it? I played for a half hour in Path of Exile and haven't even thought of it again.

Granted, Diablo III isn't the latest and greatest of games, many are greater and far older. But I wonder if some of you have been spouting opinion as fact. I know what I enjoy and so does the OP. Trying to convince him (her) that Path of Exile is far superior as fact isn't going to work. Not for the OP and certainly not for me.

I didn't play PoE back them but maps have been part of PoE prior to rifts in D3....

Okay the skill system was based off something else...who cares?

Unlimited builds vs a handful of builds dictated by set's which remove any freedom the player has in gearing....yeah how dare GGG do that!

The fact that you talk about sunder tells me you never played a really good build in PoE that let's you farm fast and at high content levels.
Sunder is a great skill....just more of a league starter. I have plenty of C and gear worth exalts....never needed to buy anything....maybe you need to l2p?

PoE clearly wins in pretty much every category....

Ok that one made me laugh. PoE has the exact same scenario as D3. Only a few builds make it to the top. Stop spouting nonsense.

You are a moron...judging by your D3 profile and your comment about PoE build diversity you have zero clue about either game.

There are many builds across all ascendancies that can down shaper and red elder.
Dieblow and PoS are both awful games. Play Fortnite you losers.
I could use more Death Breath though.
I called out Path of Exile for a reason. So yeah, I do have a problem with the game and the entire reason I returned to Diablo 3 after a 3 year hiatus. Here's PoE's revenue machine in a nutshell. I call it "The Flip on the ignorant player." Or to summarize, "Feeding the sheep to the wolves."

The Flip Step #1- Promise the new player the game is "free to play" and that all micro-transactions are purely cosmetic only, and not required to play the actual game. Suck the player in with fresh graphics, new story line, and Diablo-2 "-esque" game play, which suffices. The player enjoys the new experience.

The Flip, Step #2- As the new player progresses throughout Path of Exile, rather easily, he/she begins to notice every single other player has Cosmetic enhancements. This occurs most noticeably around levels 20-35. Footprints that glow fire, angel glowing wings, badass armor, swords that glow ethereal light, etc. Something strange occurs. The new player has been obtaining better and better items, and yet, they don't have any of these neat features. Instead, they look rather much like a poor pleb, dressed in rags. But, the other players are glowing RED and have angel wings of light!!! Hmmm. So how does one go about getting these nice looking cosmetic features on their own Characters...? "You must buy them.... Earning them isn't enough... As a matter of fact, you can't earn them period..." So, the new player takes a quick sneak peek at the Store to buy these for him/herselves...

"$240 for an armor set?! $40 for a glowing helmet?! $30 for footprints?!...", etc. The new player decides they don't know if they like the game enough to put out that much cash yet.

The Flip, Step #3- The player makes it to around level 50-60 before finally caving in. They make some micro-transactions, spending atleast $40-$100 to get some cool armor and some wings. So the "free to play" game, just made atleast $40... Not bad.

The Flip, Step #4- Now the new player LOVES PoE. They have some badass armor, cool wings, glowing swords and some footprints that glow. They are about Level 78. They have spent, willfully, about $150 (minimum) by now, to keep up the awesome look just like everyone else that plays PoE. They beat Act 10, reach the Epilogue in Oriath and start running Tier 1 maps. Initially, they continue to level somewhat normally, reaching level 80 before everything nastily becomes exposed to them.

The Flip, Step #5- They find it takes hours upon hours upon hours just to reach level 81. They start running harder and harder maps, Tier 5, Tier 8 yellows, thinking it will increase their XP gains exponentially. It does not. They are still at level 81 after 6 straight hours of playing. Hmmm. So, they then join a public game map run.

They are simply amazed at what they see. Players run the maps at blistering, insane speeds. "Are they hacking?", the new player thinks to themselves. These god-tier players clear the maps, even Tier 12-13 maps effortlessly. And yet, even they are only level 89. Maybe one is 93 or 95. Frustrated, they ask the guy clearing the map in 2 minutes what to do...

"Hey man, can you tell me how to get the items you got so I can clear these Tier 13 maps like you?"

"I spent about 70 ex to get my gear bro. Crafting is my secret....". The new player looks in his inventory. "hmmm, I have 1 exalted orb. I have played this game for 60 hours. I have 1...1 ex...for 60 hours...".

The frustrated player then looks at poe.trade so he can trade to build a char capable of high DPS. "Hmm...they want 150 chaos orbs for this...15 exalted orbs for that...." He researches YouTube and watches videos how to craft items...

"Oh, I need 30 ex to roll this, 90 Chaos to roll that, 70 jewelers links orbs to link this..." I have 1 EX and 5 chaos...after 60 hours of game play....

The Flip, Step #6- "The Final flip-tier:" The new player spends another 60 hours playing this racket of a game, he finally reaches level 89. By now, he has 15 ex, 315 Chaos, and... he still cannot afford anything. Not even a decent weapon. So, he turns to the money purchase sites. He notices several sellers have over 500,000 EX! "How is this possible?!". He then realizes the ugly truth. This "free" game has already cost him $150 in cosmetics, 120 hours of his time he will never get back, all so he can realize that he has to buy everything to "build" a decent character in the end anyways. If he wants to craft, sorry, that costs money to. You gotta have EX, Regals, and Chaos to craft. Sorry bud. But, you can BUY all that stuff real easy! Of Course you can.

The new player uninstalls the now not fun, extremely expensive game, and goes back to Diablo 3. And realizes Blizzard got it right by ripping away the Auction house.

Path of Exile sucks. Period.

P.S.-If I want to socket Materia into my items I'll go play Final Fantasy 7. I don't want "unlimited", useless builds. I want builds that I choose, work towards, that work and are effective. Skills are learned from "gems". Skills are learned by Experience...

P.S.S.-Path of Exile is a money racket and sucks more than any other ARPG ever made in the history of time.

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