D3 dead confirmed

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D3 died years ago.
Guys I just learned I'm playing a dead game!!

What does this mean?
What should I do?
Wait for D4 man!
1 month after release you then could say D4 is dead, D3 was the best Diablo ever! And you will get lots of upvotes! :D
Wow! I think the posts in this thread speak volumes. Game may not be dead but there's a lot of bored folks around.....
04/24/2018 11:12 AMPosted by Kirottu
Why do some loonies think D3 needs to constantly get new content or balance changes to be considered being alive?

Most of the people only play this game for the sense of progress. Equation stands as;
No changes and no PTR + No word from developers = No progress for players at GRs
Youtubers not announcing anything new found * No progress for players at GRs = No intentions of playing.
May be in a few months we explore new ways of playing that may carry certain builds 3-5 Greater Rifts higher with our limited expenses, but that's it. Without any interaction from developers this game only looks alive at Season starts.

Game's flow is linear as it is, if there's nothing new this "infinite difficulty scaling" eventually will bring the game's end earlier than anticipated. "Game's dead" not always mean "nobody is playing it", but also may mean "Game reached its peak already and it's only downward from here.". Some of you just not getting that terms may have double means.

04/24/2018 06:40 PMPosted by XelNagaIvan
Your posting in this forum confirm that it is not dead.

Forums are endgame separated from the actual game. Everyone who had enough and not botting eventually ends up here.
Yep, they released RoS, even after everyone declared the game to be dead long before that. Then they continued to release patches after ROS, after those who purchased RoS stated it did not save the game, it's dead. Then they released the Necromancer DLC, which according to the armchair pundits, did not sell or save the game. Then there were the patches following the DLC, again, the game must be dead.

Since 2013, the game has been declared dead by many of the same players that continue to play over the years. Of course, people will continue to state that it only survived because of the legacy of D2. Thus they come here to complain about D2 being far superior, while this game is "dead".
"Dead" is very much a subjective thing at this point. Does "lifeless" work any better for you? Because that sure as hell describes what the game has become now for a lot of us.....
well they are currently hiring almost 20 new people for the diablo franchise so even if this game is dead (which it isn't) they have something else coming down the pipe at some point in the next 12 years so no worries
I spent $20 on Diablo and another $20 on ROS. My interest in the game has outlasted about 10 women I dated during that time, so I think I got my $40 worth.
04/24/2018 11:12 AMPosted by Kirottu
To put things in perspective, even D2 is still alive even though it hasn't recieved content or balance changes for a decade and a half.

The difference is.. D2 was a good game
04/25/2018 07:11 AMPosted by Melancholy
Funny how some fanbois still defend Blizzard. As some people already noted, "dead" does not mean that there 0 players and servers are closed. But everyone has to admit, that there are only very very few players left und after first 1-2 weeks of season nearly noone is playing.

I would have no problem with maintenance mode if the game would be in a good state but we still have no balance and no diversity because our devs are just incompetent and lazy. In fact, there are still tons of problems with the game and if you cant see that, you are either blind and/or retarted.

I don't think anyone in this thread is defending Blizzard per se. What we are complaining about is that you said D3 was dead 'confirmed'. There is no such confirmation other than your words.

P.S. Mentally auto correcting your grammar and spelling is tedious, so please stop it.
04/24/2018 11:05 AMPosted by Melancholy
No ptr yet -> no patch again for next season -> nothing new and still no balance or diversity solo and groups -> no reason to play

Games doesn't die unless they close the servers, they just become less relevant

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