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I've tried all the classes except the Monk and haven't really fully explore the Necro yet.

They're all fun in their own way. I can't say I prefer one over the other in terms of how they play. They all have relatively competitive builds. All I can really comment on is the cosmetics because that's what really sets them apart for me.

Before you read any further, please keep in mind all my characters are female. I find the DH to be most pleasing to the eye. The WD probably least. I don't like the Barb's face and accent. She sounds Russian which doesn't seem right. The Wizard looks like a little kid which does bother me. Not crazy about the Monk's emo haircut. The Necro is quite attractive and cool looking but her transmogs are a bit boring and underwhelming. Hard to make her look epic. On the other hand the Crusader looks super epic but her haircut makes her look like Sarah Connor from T2...not bad I suppose but not attractive either.
crusader is the class I have spent the least amount of time on.
This season I'm finally playing DH, even though I had pretty much vowed never to do so.

Wizard and monk will always be my favorite. played wizard from the beta( if you wanna call it a beta) and monk since s4 when lps support immortal monks were a thing.
Used to be monk, now necro. Just find the builds, correctly or not, clunky.
Necro... I really hate the fact that all the skills I wanted to use (Bone Spear, Bone Spirit, Death Nova) aren't competitive for end game. I'm not a fan of the Corpse Lance... at least how it plays with Trags or Pestilence. Rathmas mage spamming (despite how hard they hit) is one of the least fun builds in the game IMHO. Bonestorm showed potential but they nerfed it to oblivion.

I'd love to play Crusader more but I don't like Hammerdins, Invokers is boring after you make it once or twice, and Rolands Shield Bash is just underperforming big time. I like Condemn and would love to try out Capt'n America at some point but would also love Firestarter to come back too.

Currently I'm enjoying Wizards and Barbs the most.

But WD, DHs and Monks are all solid classes I've enjoyed playing all along.
03/23/2018 03:00 AMPosted by homerjnick
When a class attacks monsters by throwing jars of insects around there is no way in hell I'm playing that class...

There are really only two good classes...Monk followed by Wizard.

The rest should be removed from the game.

  • Barb is a mindless button smasher
  • Sader is a wannabe barb
  • DH is powderpuff ranged nosense
  • WD...well jars of insects says it all really
  • Necro can't even command his skellies properly

  • Are you kidding me? Its a freakin JAR FULL OF SPIDERS! Throwing one at you.
    WD FTW.
    I have yet to play the witch doctor or barbarian, I keep telling myself to try them out, but I never do.
    Witch Doctor for me. I've tried a few times and just can't get into it. For some reason, they just don't appeal to me. I've enjoyed every other class but not the WD.
    Witch Doctor - 2196 hours played
    Demon Hunter 927 hours played
    Barbarian - 852 hours played
    Wizard - 714 hours played
    Crusader - 160 hours played
    Monk - 142 hours played
    Necromancer - 19 hours played

    You tell me which class do I like the least? I honestly have to say the Necromancer had so much potential but the lack of variety and the nostalgia for D2 necromancer really killed it for me.
    For me I dislike DH the most.

    EU Multishot is the most bland boring playstyle there is. I can't stand it.

    I don't much care for shadow impale either. Its to spastic.
    Dislike wiz and sader, barb and monk are ehhhhhhh, wd and dh are high on my fun list, but necro gets 90% of my playtime up to gr 75 or so. I'll use dh if I decide to push after I loot a few hundred gr-keys.
    Wizard. I always feel like I"m betraying my Blizz Sorc from D2 and it makes me feel all wiggly.

    That, and after the squillionth Archon build, meh...
    I've gotten every class to 70.

    That being said, Barbarian >>>>>>>>>> Crusader > WD > Necro > Wizard >>>>> Demon Hunter = Monk
    I don't play Druid because this game is dead and they will never implement it.
    The witch doctor is bland to me. I have a SC one that is a speed chicken build. I used that to farm rainbow gobs, but quickly got bored with it.
    Everything not Monk and Witch Doctor
    When a class attacks monsters by throwing jars of insects around there is no way in hell I'm playing that class...

    Your loss. Personally it was stuff like that ended up being EXACTLY the reason the WD became my absolute favourite class. Crazy dude with a creepy mask, army of knife-wielding midgets, a magical frog in one hand a simple knife in the other? Sounds like a good time to me.

    Least favourite for me would probably be the Monk, even though at release I thought that would be my go-to class. I guess it just didnt inspire me that much.
    Every time I try wizard I just hate it, too much button spam.

    Playing wol monk is fun though!!!

    WD I only don’t play because he looks like he’s about to go into a nursing home.
    Crusader - 592 hours
    Demon Hunter - 568 hours
    Monk - 494 hours
    Witch Doctor - 470 hours
    Barbarian - 440 hours
    Wizard - 281 hours
    Necromancer - 121 hours

    Guess that about sums it up for me.
    Crusader. I really like the concept and visual style of the crusader, but for the love of god they're one of the most boring and ineffective classes to play in high end content that I've ever seen. Their damage builds are harder to pull off and less effective than those of other classes; I know they were built to be the "tanky" option but I think blizzard put too much emphasis on that and not enough on damage potential.

    I'd much prefer having a crusader that could blast demons like the wrath of god, rather than just sitting there letting thorns do all the work or relying on avatar to be able to kill anything.

    Before last season I probably would've put the barbarian in the same category, but after getting some amazing gear for IK6 the barb became one of my most powerful characters and the easiest one to farm t13/high end grifts on. I actually love that character now, and it's one that I never played just on principle prior to season 12 (I never really liked the 'pure warrior' style classes, I tend to go for things like druid, monk, etc.)

    My wizard is on and off, really - I like the character but it's never been one of my best toons and always feels like a struggle trying to do harder content. Damage can be insane but they're so squishy.

    I didnt like witch doctor much before either, I used to play the helltooth build back in an earlier season (like 4 i think), but this season I'm playing jade harvester and it's made me love the WD again - no pets, just massive aoe and endless spreading DoTs. It's been really fun.
    I don't dislike any class, but I am a little disappointed about necromancer. The class is supposed to remind me how I command a group of skeleton and corpse explosion through hell and am iron golem which buffs everybody.

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