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all we need is the old /hostile
So this is why it's important to be a fan of the game you're developing (not even implicating the likes of Jay Wilson so much as Rob Pardo). That way as a developer you're not wondering "You guys are into this sort of thing, right? ..." and start polling the fans for what the game needs (which is not a bad idea by itself (and a community-sort of game might be lots of fun), but if you're a fan you already know what's wrong, and from there you can start a process of elimination until you either find a solution or a dead-end). At least this describes an old method that's tried-and-true.

I think, inasmuch as you have 100% creative control, it's 100% inexcusable if you're not the game's absolute #1 fan (since you can make anything)!

But it's hard because games are so time-consuming to make, you have to pick and choose which one to make over others. It would be nice to have some universal standard for vertex/model animation like we do with countless heartaches likes rasterization and texture mapping.
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yeah there is a pvp and trade, add me to friends and i will show you how the pvp works here... because it need the player fix it (when blizzard does not) if you have a non-seasonal character and a bunch of crafting materials we can show you how pvp works here.... and dont expect use overpower items beucase that cant work...
and yes there is a trade, join public (or with friends) then righ click on their portrait and press trade and put the item there or put on the ground directly.... this is the trade we have... because this game dont need trade, you can find whatever you want easy, the loot drop its very high so i dont need trade i can get any item what i want if you know how to... and the pvp is still viable you just need have a open minded (and enogh craft materials)

This guy is stupid.

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