Game is not starting

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I have the same probleme, this is my report code :

I reinstall the driver and restart the comp. several times but nothing.
Hey StevaSRB,

Thank you for posting the report ID. From the error log that goes with it I see Avast showing up in them. This could be stopping Diablo III from starting. First make sure Avast is fully up to date.

Then see if adding Diablo III to Avast exception list helps.

Lastly see if Diablo III launches when Avast is temporarily disabled.
I still have the same problem,

The was reinstalled,
All windows updates is up to date,
Graphics card driver OK.

I'd have start the game with AVAST OFF and still nothing.
What the FORK , nothing is working
And this is the new code

Hello : these hexadecimal codes can only be used by Blizzard... they refer to a specific crash in their database. It's only 5:40 AM on the West Coast where Blizzard's offices are located.

If you want to provide your DxDiag report, I would be willing to go through it and see if I can pickup any clues for the crashes. The procedure to generate the DxDiag file is shown here:

Since your heroes are all on the Europe region, I should also mention that there is a Technical Support forum for the Europe servers here: (on BST clock)
and that you may contact the Europe region Blizzard Customer Technical Support here:
Thanks u for all of your HELP.

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