Is Diablo 3 dead?

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05/05/2018 04:32 PMPosted by Digox
If they dont change meta again in s14 its officialy dead. its 3 seasons rathma speeds meta.

Officialy dead, because you say so?
Of cose it game dead.I gust asked surves why mj perfect belt of ZOE just gone,they ansver we will not ansver for your clouse.Sorri for my inglig )
If its so dead why are you folks coming back? Just to troll people and annoy them. Just go away and let others be.
In this game diablo got boobs. thats how dead it is
all the whiners know they will get response, so it's just clickbait 13
05/04/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Kirottu
No, it's not dead. What the heck would make you think it's dead? Mere couple days ago it got a patch to kill off the use of 3rd party software (meaning cheats).

Just a reminder, not getting new content or similar does NOT mean the game is dead.

Not sure why this comment was so heavily down-voted, but you speak the truth.

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