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Can anyone tell me what my sealed collectors edition might be worth?
Base game or RoS?

Take a look at ebay and you should get an idea.
Its an original sealed base copy I pre ordered in 2012. Waited nearly 12 years for it.
ebay has them but not sure if the price is legit.
There's no such thing as a legit price when it comes reselling something that's in limited stock like this. You can put what price you want on ebay and if someone wants to pay that much they will. Granted, the higher the price, the longer you're likely to wait to sell it.

How low to go? Well, that's up to you to determine. As the person who made the investment, it's up to you to do that analysis, figure out what kinds of return you're after, if you're likely to get it, etc etc. Advice of this nature from others could leave you short changed.

Incidentally, I happen to have the companion, sealed AU RoS collector's edition that people should be getting with your copy of the base game - lol
Go to Ebay, click advanced next to the search bar. Type in Diablo 3 Collectors Edition and check off the box for sold listings.
I believe, like the player base, demand for the CE has significantly subsided over the years. Its value will reflect this.

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