According to a post in GD this is the 6th Anniversary of D3!

I've gotten thousands of hours of fun and entertainment from this game. Many thanks Blizzard!

It would seem an appropriate time to reflect back in time...

I remember when movement speed was capped at 15%.
I remember when there were only 4 acts. And not many people played Act 4 because it was so dangerous
I remember when it took a well-coordinated team and strategy to beat Ubers
I remember when there was an EmettOtter
I remember when nobody ever played the Caverns of Araneae map
I remember when "Crypt Runs" were *the* thing. I hated them and skipped.
I remember when Belial would get your palms sweaty. Every time.
I remember someone on my FL who got ripped off billions transferring gold to HC
I remember running the Dahlgur Oasis 100 times to find a Leoric's Signet. Found 2
I remember when each and every item had to be salvaged individually
I remember when town vendors were somewhat useful
I remember going to the Caldeum Bazaar frequently. Haven't been there in ages
I remember no cube, no paragon, no pets, no enchants, no Saders, no...
I remember where many of my deaths were and how they happened
I remember when Phase Beasts were a serious problem in Act 3
I remember helping to level many people in the Fields of Slaughter. A few died
I remember when PKing was around. I never suffered at the hand of a PK. Aholes
I remember when I got a Cain's Set plan in Act 2. OMG, the luck!
I remember when a Skorn was BIS. With Life Steal!

Could go on. What your memory?
Congrats Blizzard on the Anniversary of Diablo3!
I remember spending the painful time identifying yellows one by one.
I remember playing a Dh for hundreds of hours, and the only set item I found was an IK helm. Yep, I wore the !@#$%!
I remember when there was a Marmoset.
I remember logging in on 5-15-2012 and playing more hours than I sleep for a week.
I remember not remembering that I got so drunk and I died and was shocked the next day.
I remember when Identity was Actiq.
I remember feeling bad when I had to choose who to play with, because my FL had 100 people on it.
I remember befriending two deaf guys that couldn't hear when a gob was around.
I shamefully remember sharting during a Grift and sitting 5 minutes thru it because we were running our personal high.

I played D2 the full 9 years until D3 came out, but I'm growing tired of D3. This past week, I've actually been playing Torchlight2 again. I was hoping D4 wouldn't take another 9 years.
I remember when the game was really fun to play and not a contest.
I remember when playing in a public game it was fun and people help.
I remember having a lot of friends that are long gone.
I remember the AH and the hours spend in there looking and buying stuff.
I remember when the ROS started having 1.3 billion gold & thought it was a big deal.
I remember when Diablo could actually kill you.
I remember fearing the Belial fight.
I remember farming Inferno Act 1 just to get better gear to be able to play Act 2.
I remember Invulnerable Minions.
I remember when no one wanted to play Demon Hunter in HC because they were so squishy.
I remember when Endeavor was... well it's been so long I can't remember what his old name was now.
I remember power-leveling Dirk and watching him die, over and over...
I remember power leveling on Monster Power 10.
I too remember EmmetOtter who gracefully hooked me up with a bunch of gold.
I remember finding a Horadric Hamburger in WhimseyShire and selling it on the AH for 200 million gold.
I remember feeling dirty for giving in and using the AH. I played Self-Found for so long.
I remember when CavemanBass and I had a very long and epic battle with Nekarat the Keywarden in Act 4 on some MP level with multiple Mallet Lord elite packs (3 elite packs total) and a ton of trash right at the portal. Nowhere to stand with molten, arcane and poison all over the place. Nowhere to run either, we just aggro'd more trash. We won, barely.
I remember fallen maniacs + melee class = hell no.
I remember (and still have) my double socket Manticore. And my T&T gloves with a socket.
I remember flipping mats on the AH.
I remember when ubers were hard.
I remember when bees could kill you. And being afraid to play Act 2 in HC for days.
I remember running Act 3 over and over because that was the easiest way to farm.
I remember my very first legendary. A Storm Crow.
05/17/2018 09:42 PMPosted by FireVixen
I remember (and still have) my double socket Manticore. And my T&T gloves with a socket.

Oh yeah! Forgot about those!
I remember nothing.
Stay awhile and listen.
I remember when this game had players in it.
I remember trying to level in hard difficulty and having people jump in my game to get the checkpoint, say thanks and leave. Being afraid to move until they were gone for certain death.

I remember 2 socketed Manticores and Echoing Furies.

I remember Ice Climbers with a socket.

I remember marmoset.
05/19/2018 06:42 AMPosted by silentkiller
I remember when this game had players in it.

That is so true all we deal with a lot of mindless people playing.
I remember when I got banned from the forums every week.
I remember running through inferno on my barb with hardly any strength but loads of vitality an all resist lol.
I remember being too broke to fix items so I had to resort to poor backups for gold runs.
I too remember the 2x socketed manticores, had one, long gone :((
I remember my very first legendary drop, a Scorn - Unusable at the time, wrong mainstat.
I remember my first multi million gold sale on the GAH: Chantodo set, sold for 20mil
I remember auto fire sentries for DH marauders build
I remember having to find 'white' crafting mats
I remember buying stash pages 1 line at a time
I remember when Blacksmith plans were insanely rare (for me anyways)
05/17/2018 11:26 AMPosted by VeePow
I remember fallen maniacs + melee class = hell no.

I remember some players who wouldn't run Keeps 2 because of the fallen maniacs!
I remember when diablo was good...

Rip D2
Although I haven't logged in to play in like forever, I still remember JCRUZ. Hey chief!

I still remember all the fun times with the original D3. Auction House. 1.0.3. First level 60 hc character--no PL but 100% solo. Made my first 1B in HC. I had 4 colleagues playing long hours together when the game came out. So many good memories--D3 is definitely the most played game ever for me.

Hello to everyone that I used to play with...
Hojo! Good to hear from you, my friend!

Just wrapped up a good Season 13. Looking forward to Season 14...I kinda like the grind ;-)

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