Diablo 3 is loading up and everything is bright yellow/ red

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I have tried other games and determined it is not my graphics card. Also I am getting a message at the bottom right of the screen in YELLOW that says - some objects render at the wrong depth, press CTRL SHIFT INSERT to remove this message?

then it will crash a few minutes later

error message

Sounds a bit like an overlay problem. Perhaps an overlay for your graphics card to render in stereoscopic 3d. I have seen something similar with my GTX 960, only I didn't crash. If you know of something like that installed on your computer then maybe you can find a way to turn it off.
ok I can look into that ty
No problem. There are many issues mentioned in this forum section that deal with D3 and overlay incompatibilities. Other games work fine, but for some reason, Diablo III doesn't like them. There is also an issue with Nvidia drivers, at least one of them anyway. Make sure you have updated video drivers :), you probably already looked into that though, so I hope this issue can be fixed for you :).
I notice you post often here to help people, thank you. Are you a programmer? Is your goal to work at Blizzard? @Nimrod
Nah, I am just a hardcore hobbiest when it comes to games. I have a lot of experience getting games to work with most Microsoft OS's. I am far from an expert though, and I probably couldn't match a Trained Techy, but I do what I can. I just like to pitch in, I find it kinda enjoyable :).
Going over the crash logs tied to that code, it does look like there's an issue with how the Nvidia drivers are being reported. As Nimrod suggested, I'd try updating the drivers. Would grab these ones specifically.

Try hitting Control-T. You may have inadvertently enabled Nvidia's 3D setting.


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