Nothing new for s14?

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Nothing at all really, no tweaks no new items, hell no new damage % modifer buffs for weaker classes/sets how are you gonna do 3 full seasons with 0 changes, my friend list is looking like a ghost town right now, besides the ones who are botting and getting away with it all season lol.
Dead game buds
05/26/2018 03:29 PMPosted by Rowesy
Dead game buds

Are the servers shut?
It looks like you are correct.
Nothing new under the sun, unless they surprise us with something in the two week downtime, but don't hold your breath. That's okay with me as long as they are all working on the next installment. A new DLC and large patch at Blizzcon with a D4 announcement and the projected date for the D4 beta would work for me.
Maybe Blizz will surprise us and release a major patch in S14 - it will upgrade the engine/visuals and new loot. To top it off , it’ll become D4
I want to see a Change to the 4 player push meta. How about a sader as a trash killer and a DH as RGK?
I think the devs are done with D3 - the radio silence since nov 2017 and the fact that theyve hired an army of new diablo devs tells me theyve abandoned it and work on D4.

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