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The general chat I'm in is always low pop. It is almost always 10 to 98 people, in either looking for group or general chat's. How can I switch to another general chat server. I have tried to leave server and reconnect but reconnect its the same one. one of my friends is usually in in a different general chat and he always has a bunch of folks in it.
General chat is split into many channels that each hold 99 people. There will never be more people than that in Gen Chat. If you want something more active, try joining a Community or Clan.
I'm already in a clan lol. looking to run more grifts higher lvl. I was asking cuse im always put in the same g chat 13828. lfg chat 7322. just wondering how to get out of it because this g chat never really has anything going on.
Most General Chat has nothing going on, especially this late in Season. Nobody really uses it. They use Clans and Communities. General used to be full of spammers so most people turned it off long ago.
well that stinks lol. well thanks for all the info any community's that you think are active to join?
Season 13 is almost over so most people take a break and play something else right now. I am a solo player so am not really good at suggesting anything. You can pick a really big one like Reddit if you want maybe? Maybe one for a big website like DiabloFans? You can join more than one Community in addition to your Clan so try a few out. Once Season 14 releases in mid June there will be more active public players.
The Community search under the Shift + O menu will show size and number online, although I don't think you can sort based on that. Just scroll through till you find a Public group that meets your criteria.

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