where is my update with pvp system

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I don't see how this is relevant to the missing/removed Vanilla features, but OK.

Because you continued to play and spend money on a game you consider incomplete whose team you think scammed you out of your original investment.

That’s like getting conned and then finding the guy and giving him the money he didn’t manage to con out of you. Anyone rational would ask what the hell you thought you were doing.

I purchased RoS, because I hoped things will get better. They didn't, at least not from my PoV.
The Necro was gifted to me by a friend, that wanted to spend some time gaming with me. I didn't wanna bother him with my take on the game or ruin his experience, so I accepted the gift, we played for a bit and then stopped.

So you got scammed and then freely spent money on the next thing the scammers sent your way.

Do you not see a problem with that?

Can I sell you some bridges? If you’re gonna be that gullible and forgiving, I figure I might as well make something out of it.

I still don't get your point as to how advertising features, that for some players are a selling point, and then not delivering them, or outright removing them is a good, consummer friendly practice by Blizzard, or how you rationalize, that what they did is OK, but whatever.

You apparently think it’s fine and dandy, so why shouldn’t I? Oh, you might say you don’t, but actions speak louder than words, and yours contradict every word you write.

I still don’t get how you don’t realize this happens all the time in video games. Advertised features don’t always make it into the release. Is it unfortunate? Yes. Is it disappointing? Yes. Was it intentionally done? I don’t think so. If I did think so, I wouldn’t be playing Blizzard titles. It’s not like there aren’t other games out there.

Here’s a project for you - it’s E3 week. Why don’t you start tracking those games and see how many, especially the just-revealed releases, have everything shown when they actually launch in the future?

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I love this rationalization. You got less than you bargained and payed for, but you should consider, that you got your money's worth...

Again, if you think you got less than you bargained and payed for, how in the hell could you possibly rationalize spending more?

And yes, you got your money’s worth. How many hours have you played this game?

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But they did. The Vanilla users who didn't buy RoS were left with an unfinished product.

Expansions always do that, and history shows that the majority of people who don’t buy expansions mostly stop playing said game anyway.

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They didn't remake the game 3 times. I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

You think going from 4 difficulties to the 10 Monster Powers, plus adding the Paragon system and raising drop rates wasn’t an overhaul?

And did you pay for any of it? No.

The only decent patch, that I can think of and would have to admit brought something decent for free was the Kanai's Cube patch. Still, nothing even remotely as major or signifficant as a PvP system or trading system, so please -- do explain as to how the game got remade 3 times.

Sigh. Games don’t need a trading system or PvP to be successful. Especially ARPGs, none of which have ever had an actual PvP system.

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I didn't ask for Blizzard to remove the Auction House, so I don't know what the hell are you even saying.

Who cares what you specifically asked for? The large majority of players were overjoyed when it was removed.

By all indications, Blizzard even lied to it's player base about what was the real reason why they shut down the AHs...

Unless you can prove that the reasons they did give weren’t factors, you don’t have much of an argument here.

And, again, if you believe Blizzard is so dishonest, what in the heck are you doing giving them your money and time? Can I have your money instead? I mean, at least I’ll be up front with you and tell you I’m gonna use it for my own benefit and never give you anything for it.

I don't see the connection between the player base and FinCEN. If Blizzard had issues with FinCEN and FinCEN made them shut down the AHs, that's not the fault of the player base. Blizzard never issued an apology or gave any compensation to the player base about the removed feature.

You don’t apologize for something your players are happy about. Removal of the AH was the single best thing that ever happened to the game, regardless of outside influences.

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I don't recall asking them to make seasons either.

If we’re gonna use that logic, then technically speaking you never asked for the game to have arena style PvP either.

I really don't understand how you're listing one Blizzard failure after another and trying to twist them into something glorious they did for the players, for which we should be thankful. You are clearly trollig me at this point.

And I really don’t understand why you’re playing games, spending money on and thus supporting a company you think is guilty of such scams and failures.

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So, it's the fault of the players for trusting blizzard and the developers to deliver on their advertising, and we deserve what we got (1/3 of the value of Vanilla D3)...

No, it’s the fault of the players for not exercising their refund options at the time, and it’s DEFINITELY your fault for continuing to invest in the game afterward.

So I do have a point, very much so. Stop lying or trying to misrepresent facts. You're being disgusting, as you're clearly not discussing this in good faith.

Am I misrepresenting the fact that you’ve played D3 a lot and enjoyed it?

Am I misrepresenting the fact that you spent further money on a game and company that you felt lied and manipulated you?

Am I misrepresenting the fact that D3 and its retailers had the normal refund policy, so that if in fact the launch of the game didn’t have what you thought it would then you had ample time to rescind your purchase?

The answer to all three of those questions is “No.

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Actually, people knew, that the D3 team does not consist of the same people, that made the previous games.

And? It was still a game being produced by one of the most successful PC gaming companies in the world who hadn’t made a dud in the however many years since Warcraft was originally released.

I guarantee you most people who bought and played the game didn’t follow any of those interviews or articles you linked.

The average gamer didn’t give 2 craps about that kind of stuff and still doesn’t - because if they did, certain other games would sell much more than they have, and some of the games that have sold larger numbers wouldn’t have.

This endless cycle of repetitive crying says a lot about you. It is not possible to take advantage of a single line of what you say, it is pure hatred, grudge and out of control. hahahah
You have to learn to talk right, Mr. Clonazepam.
Poor Pégaso.. your thread got moved to Brawling and died.

Too bad so sad.

The topic has fulfilled its function.

The topic thrived much more than I expected, thank you all! Thanks for the discussion!

I'll be back from here a few years ago to see if they've already fulfilled their promise.

See you!
06/13/2018 02:51 PMPosted by Pégaso
The topic has fulfilled its function.

The topic thrived much more than I expected, thank you all! Thanks for the discussion!

I'll be back from here a few years ago to see if they've already fulfilled their promise.

See you!

I am with you on this. Since I left D3 maybe couple of years ago the PVP mode still have no improvements.

Played Overwatch.
Mu Legend.
Checked on D3 Forums.
Still no PVP update.

I think I have to give up too and continue on my other games. But Im still a fan and I will be thrilled to hear some update maybe for another 5 years.

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