The Blizzard fools us!

Noxifer excellent post:
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I am gonna post info and refresh your memories:

Prior and at release of Diablo III, this is what was advertised:

Blizzard promised PvP Arenas as "more formalized play-space designed exclusively for PvP combat" along with a Matchmaking system. You even get to see a picture which displays arena and a scoreboard.

Two months prior to the release, in a PvP update Blizzard said, that the PvP will be delayed and released post launch:

A week before the release of Diablo III Blizzard released this trailer:

The trailer advertises "Fierce Player Vs Player Gladiatorial arenas" to be implemented post launch. This feature was NEVER implemented.

Right after the release of the game Jay Wilson mentioned in the very first Game Design Update, that they are "going full steam ahead on the PvP patch" in order to trick as many players interested in PvP into buying the game. That PvP was NEVER implemented.

Then later in the "Diablo III Developer "AMAA" Transcript", Jay was asked how happy he was with the progress done with PvP. He said, he was very happy, giving the impression that things are going good:

Liquid5n0w: How happy are you with the progress on the PvP 1.1 patch? Are things looking good?

Jay Wilson: PVP is pretty fun, so very happy.

That PvP was NEVER implemented.

Then seven months after the release, seven months after Blizzard already took our money, Jay Wilson said in a new PvP Update, that they (Blizzard) don't find Team DeathMatch appropriate for Diablo III and that they (the developers) "are are going back to the drawing board on a new replacement for Team Deathmatch, something that feels more appropriate for Diablo III" and that "it'll be a free addition to the game":
This promised "replacement" was NEVER implemented.

Also in "Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7 - Answers, Kevin Martens, Lead Designer specified, that Brawling is Not a replacement for Team Deathmatch or any other types of more complex PvP modes. :
With the above Kevin Martens basically suggested, that they are working on PvP modes in order to provide us with replacement for the missing PvP Arenas/Team Deathmatch.
However, no other PvP mode but Brawling (which as specified above is Not the replacement) was ever implemented, let alone a complex one.

In September 2013 , Blizzard retroactively edited the trailer on the official site for the game, and cut the parts about PvP and Auction House.

Later both the Gold Auction House and the Real Money Auction House were removed. Blizzard claimed, that they did it, because the players wanted it this way, but there are indications, that this is not the real reason:

Diablo 3 - Why the Auction House got Removed

I find it interesting how 4-5 years ago nobody cared, that Blizzard scammed the Diablo 3 player base out of advertised features. They basically pulled a bait & switch and pretty much nobody cared.
Few of the people in the gaming community, that were somewhat pro consummer were willing to absolutely destroy the reputation of some little inddie companies, pointing out every little issue about games, that everyone with a brain expected to be crappy and buying them would be more of a charity rather than buying a proper product;
yet when it came to Blizzard Entertainment and their full price AAA game, that basically failed to deliver advertised features and outright REMOVED advertised features, nobody dared to open his mouth, let alone take further action.

I also find it funny, how nowadays youtube is full of what are supposedly pro consummer gaming channels, that regularly point out lies from companies and developers, they can cry all they all day long for what are optional loot boxes in Overwatch. Hell, people draft laws, some countries even outlaw loot boxes... they can cry about Destiny 2, StarWars and so on...

I like the change, more pro consumer advocates and whatnot, but noone seems to remember D3 as what was probably the first major instance of a big company scamming it's player base in this decade.

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