Lost clan leader title.

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same, I'm a member instead of clan leader - HCA - Hardcore Australia.
Yep, same thing happening here.
Same thing for me a Clanmaster on all points already discussed. VERY frustrating. Please fix.
Same thing here, Leader of RoadKill, demoted to member, Acievements gone to 0. Can't talk in clan chat.
This does not sound good.... I hope this actually gets resolved....
Same symptoms
Also same. Good times.....
add me to the list.....THIS NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED -.-
06/12/2018 11:18 AMPosted by Omrakos

I didn't know if it would help or not but it's the only set of steps we have internally for anything like what you're describing. Like I said, we can't do much of anything when it comes to D3 Guilds.

I've collected your info along with that from DuhImKenny and sent it up for investigation. There's no ETA though as to how soon that will be.


This has happened to me too. It also stripped me of all my achievement points - showing as having 0 points.

Please add me to the list of stripped clan leaders

Omrakos add me to the list too, i went from leader to member..
i am having the same issue i am leader of clan aussie pride and are gettin error code 319102 when trying to clan chat also been demoted to member and stripped of achievments please fix blizzard
I am also showing as Member in my clan The Fallen <Star>.

As additional information, I'm also showing as Member in my community ANZ Greater Rifts, so it appears that it's more than just a clan issue, and can affect communities as well.
i am having this issue as well, please fix it as new season is coming..
I have the same problem and I have been demoted to "Member" in my clan. The rank of "Leader" no longer exists and I have no way of re promoting my self. The clan name is <OldCap>.
Hope Blizzard can help me fix this problem ASAP.
Hey guys,

This guild leader issue should have been fixed with this morning's maintenance. If any of you are still having a problem, now would be a good time to let us know :)
I can confirm that it is now fixed. Thank you for the fix/update!
Yup, it's working now. Thanks.
I wish to say Thank you for your hard work on getting us our Leader Role back in the clan. Appreciate all you do.
clan lead war restored at mantnence....

I am still missing a few necro achevs ...
but better than haveing to rebuild clan

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