Error code 1011

Technical Support
I keep getting this after the most recent patch update. Any help fixing would be appreciated. I have restarted my comp, repaired any files, restarted and switch off and on my router. No idea what it is as it was working fine last week when I last played. Thanks in advance

This error is just a generic message indicating a problem with connecting to our servers.

I'd suggest you start by running through the steps in this support article.

Disconnection and Latency Issues in Blizzard Games -
Did all of that. Still not working same error code. My internet works fine just not with Diablo 3 for some reason
I have a dead space on the right middle of the game screen where the mouse doesn't work.
I now cannot access most of my inventory in all my char, any help appreciated!
KingRed and Stingray52 : you are trying to hijack this thread... your issue is totally different from the original poster.... that's rude, very rude !

Start your own thread !
Any ideas blizzard?

Could you please run through the steps in the following three support articles in order and see if it takes care of it for you? Some of the steps in a preceding article may overlap with the steps in the next article so feel free to skip them if they've already been done.

Deleting Files -

Deleting the Cache Folder -

Uninstalling the Blizzard Desktop App -
I have trouble with logging in. Sometimes with using the desktop icon it will work for weeks and other times when I use the icon a popup with my email and asks for my password I type it in and am told it is not correct. I have used this password for a couple of years.

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