Should game be running 1.5 gig or ram?

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very curious never seen it go this high.
Depends how much you have on your computer I guess.... I've had it go over 7 GBytes.... (start Diablo, go to act I, use each waypoint in sequence... go to act 2, use each waypoint in sequence.............. go to act 5, use each waypoint in sequence)...

My computer has 16 GBytes RAM.... and still had 3.8 GBytes RAM at that time...

(that's for the 64-bit client)

I assume you're running the 32-bit client however.... so the numbers will be much different.
Hey JacobsHell,

Boubou brings up a good point. RAM usage is going to be partially dependent on how much the game client has had to load/keep active. 1.5gb of RAM isn't what we would think of as unusual for Diablo III, but if you want to free up some available system memory, you can always perform a Selective Startup to help it out.

My game used about 4GB earlier. I was doing repeated runs farming for goblins when I noticed. Just restart the game (or your computer if it doesn't give the memory back) if it gets to be too much and it should be fine.

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