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Hi all,

Can someone advise on how to complete the set dungeon? One of the requirements is to unleash my mystics on 10 mobs. How can I do it? I tried switching to rare (yellow) weapons to not overkill everything but i'm still killing everything.

Anyone have a particular way of completing this so that the secondary objective doesn't interfere with the primary and vice versa?
Take off legendary gems, and even rings, maybe boots too lol.

There are many wonderful youtube videos on all the dungeons.
Inna's dungeon is a pain to find the right balance. Too much dps and you can't group up enough for the objective. Too little and you can't kill the elites. My suggestion is to try Sunwuko dungeon. It is the easiest to solo and MUCH easier than it used to be since you always know where enemies are on the mini map. When I did Inna's a few seasons ago I used crafted rare weapons and no Crudest Boots. I can't remember what legendary gems I used if any. This season I did SWK on the first attempt. Raiment dungeon is SUPER easy with friends but it's pretty hard to solo.
I had about 650K damage when I did it. It is tough to do and may take several tries to master. One thing you need to do is keep moving - even if you don't hit the 10 mobs at once.

I found that if you can hit the 10 mobs with your Mystic Ally TWICE by the 4 minutes left mark; you should be able complete the challenge. Obviously, this is the most important thing to achieve first. There are larger mob groupings as you progress further.

Keep trying, you'll get it.
How do I fine the set dungeon
05/06/2019 03:50 PMPosted by dottieb
How do I fine the set dungeon

YouTube. There is a tome that contains clues that will lead you to each of the set dungeon's locations. I believe it is in the first room of Leoric's manor (could be wrong). It's much easier to search the set dungeon on YouTube and learn where it is snd what you need to do to beat it in the required time.
I did it by lowering my dps to about 200k and replacing the Crudest Boots with Illusory Boots. I would just walk into a dense pack and Cyclone Strike -> Mystic Ally immediately. You can also consider using the Talisman of Aranoch for toughness while Serenity or Epiphany make it so you're immune to being frozen.
swk set dungeon is easy as hell even without the belt easy to master since you can have as much dmg as you won't, then you should not strike. speed mantra + fleet footed and done

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