Crashing every 5 minutes or so

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I can literally do nothing in the game as I start a GR and crash mid run, Please help as this is making the game 100% unplayable

this is the code it gave me for the crash

Went over the crash logs and the main thing I'm seeing is this:
DBG-MODULE<00007FF848E80000 0007f000 "SS3DevProps.dll"
Would recommend starting out by uninstalling Sonic Studio.
Same here, crashes everytime i try to do something. be it bounties or rifts.

Have gotten multiple codes over the past few days of trying, this is the last one.

Would be great to get a possible solution.
06/25/2018 01:52 AMPosted by BroomOfDoom
Would be great to get a possible solution.

Go through the troubleshooting here: including the Advanced Troubleshooting. The words in blue are link to supplementary info.

You play on Europe... you could contact Blizzard Support at ; chat is available atm.

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