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Hi everyone,

I'm new to monk this season and just completed my zmonk build. I'd like you guys to take a peek at my build to see where/what I can reroll or farm for upgrades to make my support more effective.

Also, what is the preferred CDR? I'm currently sitting at 69.xx% CDR. Do I need more or is this adequate?

When starting out, make sure your CDR in town is enough to use Inner Sanc and against right before it goes away, thats a good starting point, try to also get 2 IAS if you can and at least 130k-150k globes, this will be good enough to do 100-105 with a decent Wiz/Necro.

Your goal is to get 180k+ globes before you do 110's, if your Wiz is highly gear then you can go lower, but in general 200k + is important to start doing over 110's.

Its hard to, but try not to have any thorns if you can.

As for your character:

Major Changes:
-Wrong Inner Sanc, you want the one that gives CC immunity
-You need new shoulders, one with Globes and CDR
-Gloves shouldnt have Crit on them, or thorns
-You dont need Nems at all, you want strong Arms (Unless you are the only ZDPS)
-You need a new Iceblink, NEVER level it over 25, you dont want to slow the mobs to much as it makes the barbs job harder and can get the wiz stuck in caves/tunnels/choke points more often.

Minor Changes
-Your Boots, if you cant get an acient one with Intel (you just open the cache on a intel character) it will help you moreso, but not important for now
-Dont need LpH on your weapon as your socket has this, try to get CDR, IAS on both, RCR on one is ok too, but IAS will increase your healing
-Your Crown can have a better Leg%
-Globes, 83%+ and CDR on a Oculus is really hard, but try if you can

Over all with your gear is 100 ready, you will need a good wiz to go any higher tho. Some mobs, large stacks, and some Affixes might be to much for you to keep your wiz alive with Zeis, they wiz might need a Mut gem.
Hi Faux,

Thank you for the extensive explanation and identifying the key items that should be upgraded immediately.

I do have a few questions.

1) I tried using Inner Sanc with CC immune rune but my teammates immediately die due to insufficient healing. Is it because I don't have enough health globes bonus?

2) Keep Iceblink at lvl 25? I don't understand this part.

3) Why Int on boots? Is it because of the added AR?

4) Is 75% CDR the ideal stat to achieve?

5) What is the ideal HP pool? What are the ideal AR stats?

1) Yes its b.c you dont have enough and you are not using Time of Need enough maybe as well, or you let Epiphany Dropped, If "Epiphany-Soothing" Mists drops then you have just about 0 healing lol.

2) Iceblink, the higher you level it, the more slow the enemies will move, at level 25 they move 15% slower, at 50 they move 25% slower, the slower the move, the longer it takes the barb to run around and gather them and it could make them to slow to follow the barb or you out of tight corners, making it even harder to pull or get your Wiz stuck

3) Intel give you AR, having some extra will always help

4) Base CDR not 100% on the number, i just try to get it on, Gloves, Shoulders, Weapons, Amulet and rings, i also try to get 3 IAS rolls, as more IAS = more healing

5) You want your Paragons into Vit, make sure you have over 1mil for 100 GR's, make sure you have at least 1400+ AR as well, Not sure on the armor part tho, will have to look at mine later.
Thanks Faux for your response. A couple of more things I'd like to clarify. I'm trying to build an ultimate healer/support monk so please bare with me.

1) I'm having a slight downtime in Epiphany even with 69.xx% CDR. In order have 100% of Epiphany uptime, I'm assuming I need to factor in Gogok? Or roll more CDR?

2) Got it. Makes sense. I'll have to level up another Icelink then.

3) I see. That's interesting as I've never thought about it. Will try to get it on boots or somewhere else.

4) What do you mean by base CDR? Is it not the number I see under "Details?"

5) Yes. I have over a 1mill HP now and around 1500 AR.
1) you will need to Cyclone strike time to time to make it off CD, you should be CS when the Wiz is about ready anyways to tighten up the group, you dont need gogok, you should be using Toxic and Iceblink with your Eso.

4) I mean details yeah, IDK the key number in details as i know how it feels when playing since i have played it for 8+ seasons now and i know i want it on all of, Gloves, Rings, Shoulders, Weapons, Amulet, with weapons and Gloves having IAS and maybe 1 ring with 1 RCR somewhere for good roles.
Hi Faux,

I've been playing mostly Sunwuko and Inna support lately.

Quick question on staying alive for supporting my group. Even with close to 2k AR, 1.1mill HP, and all the defensive/healing skills, I still find myself frequently die when I wonder around.

Without Dashing Strike, I have to run around with my illusory boots but I cannot dash out of some bad affixes in an elite/RG fight. I die even running from pack to pack. I can use CS but that turns spirit.

How should a common engagement be? Do I CS into a pack of monsters and pop all the skills?

Use Epiphany to dash mob to mob, make sure to keep you SG buff up at all times, you dont need to hit anything with SG or cyclone to gain those buffs, also use ToN mantra while moving if its spears, ghosts, chargers, etc..

While your buffs are up your shouldnt die at all, you most likely are missing a buff or two. You can use Cyclone, but not on top of the Wiz lol.

When you find a good spot, like a T, or a Corner, or whenevery the group/barb is happy, get on the wiz and put down you Sanc, hold your Crip Wave, press Mantra ToN, and use Cyclone to tighten up the group, help your epiphany CD, and for extra heals / protection buffs, dont over use it tho, you should be mostly keeping all your buffs up, Cirp Wave and Mantra.
So I've been enjoying playing my support monk the past few days. However, there are times where my HP would dip and even die. I have close to 1.2mill HP and close to 2k AR. When I'm tackling GR90, I still sometimes die even with all the buffs up. Not sure why.

How do I know my zmonk's limit as to how high I can push? I think with my current gear I may be capping out at low 90s? Is insufficient health globes bonus hindering my heals? If memory serves, I believe I'm at 138k health globes bonus and I need to be at 200k.
Sorry ive been away.

You most likely dont have enough AR and ancients, and if you are not attack you tend to not heal fast enough as well.

While running you will have 3-5 buff drop off, CS should buff, Resolve buff, blind buff, etc.. etc... so you will be more squishy while running.

You need to Epiphany from target to target and using your Mantra, you might need to CS time to time too.

PS, YES get your Globes to 200k, very important.
150k globes gives 30k additional healing at maximum 5 attack speed
and 200k globes gives 40k additional healing at maximum 5 attack speed per sec

i dont think it will change anything in GR speeds, more important is attack speed and technique of playing monk

it does matter on time of need, but its imo equal with agility
I agree but I have no experience at high 120 gr and such. When I think about it it doesn´t seem that important. At 0 bonus globes you heal 16k from each attack. It´s 4% of your globe bonus, so at 200k its 8k, just a 50% increase in healing (if using Agility, but I believe its also a 50% shield increase with Time of Need).

I´m not saying it´s not important, of course it is, but I think first you should be able to survive, have good attack speed and cooldown reduction, then focus on the globes.
Your gears and setup looks fine for 120. However you should use left click as generator. Its better. You should drop seize initiative to chant of resonance. With any mantra, you should spam it permanently in gr. Spamming any mantra proc soothing mist.

You should either numlock or macro mantra spamming.
Hi. I have recently heard about something like "overkill" in terms of maximum health. Guy in his guide said that we shouldnt have health above 1.5kk. Do you know what was he talking about?
07/27/2018 11:31 PMPosted by Kveldulv
Hi. I have recently heard about something like "overkill" in terms of maximum health. Guy in his guide said that we shouldnt have health above 1.5kk. Do you know what was he talking about?

1.5mil he means, at that much health (its what i have) you can start to stack dex in paragon for more armor and add a couple more intel pieces of gear for more All Res.

1.5mil HP, 2300 AR is well good enough for 130 GR,.

And as others have said you will get more Healing out of IAS compare to adding 10k more globes once you are over 150k. But you can still kill your wiz vs Electric/Spinners, so its still important to have Health globes as high as you can.

For anything at about 115 GR and under with 150k globe, with good IAS/CDR and about 1800 AR, and 1mil HP is well enough to keep you wiz and you alive, even the necro can sit on you depending on the mobs.
I have above 2kk health points.
So its nothing wrong with that, yes? Is it up to me if I prefer to divide paragon point for vit/int or just leave all on vit as I have now?
2 mln its absolute minimum imo, about 3 mln its quite good, if u achieve that, try to create balance 1:10 resistance to armour
08/01/2018 10:29 AMPosted by besty
2 mln its absolute minimum imo, about 3 mln its quite good, if u achieve that, try to create balance 1:10 resistance to armour

I only do 120's but you dont need 2mil for anything 120 and under.
sorry guy but u play hardcore monk build on sofcore and u wanna play monk with 1 mln hp, gl
Great posts guys thanks!!!

Been a zmonk for the past 4 seasons... Trying Time of Need with 150K (aiming for 180 real soon) hg atm for the first time!

Your posts helped answer some question.. use to run with Salavtion/Agility and the unity passive with no regards to my health globes bonus...


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