Does Zoey's Secret actually exist

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I have been farming for 5 hours and I haven't not gotten Zoey's Secret still. Does it actually exist?
RNG. Sometimes it can be a real pain.

It'll drop eventually. Just keep grinding, spend bloodshards, upgrade rares, the usual.
5 hours..... not what I would call a insane time invested in farming. At least not one that warrants asking if something actually exist.

Anyhow, upgrade rare in the cube is probably the best way to go.
Wow...5 whole hours.

I think it took me till about P300 to get one...
Come back when you’ve farmed it for a few hundred hours.
Got one on my Barbarian this season.
I have been farming for 5 hours and I haven't not gotten Zoey's Secret still. Does it actually exist?

First of all, I'd like to kindly point out the English problem in OP's post, it should just be "haven't", instead of "haven't not".

Second, of course Zoey's Secret exists, and as its name says it all, this belt just exists secretly, but I already got an ancient one. lol
Gamble for belts with blood shards at Kadala. You could upgrade rares at the cube, but it's probably not a good use of your DBs since there are so many belts in the pool.

You'll get several in no time at all. Targeting is usually better than farming rifts and hoping for a random drop.

Good luck!
I have gotten 2 this season. Got the second yesterday finally as I needed a lvl 70 version since I cubed the lower lvl one. Upgrade yellows and gamble shards and you will get it.
I've had about 6, which amusingly ramped up from 8.4% to 9%...None Ancient, though...
That belt is actually pretty easy to get if you upgrade yellow rare belts into legendaries.

If you're playing as a demon hunter, there are not many legendary belts to make with yellow belts.

Pretty sure that's how I got mine. Lots of DH items of the marauder I got this way.

edit: I'm wearing the hellcat waistguard and Zoey's was put in the cube. Put whichever in the cube isn't as good....wear the better one.
That made me remember now the last season I played as a demon hunter. I played the entire season and didn't manage to drop a ancient Karlei's Point. Was probably the most unlucky season I ever got.

Seriously. I spent the whole season playing as the DH and dumping every single mat and bloodshard I could into trying to get a ancient dagger. Not a single one. About a month into the season a friend of mine started playing too and also played as a DH. He got his ancient Karlei's Point 10 minutes into level 70.
^ sorry to hear your misfortune....

that story you stated about your friend is pretty good! ;o

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