Why won't my Diablo 3 Launch?

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Unable to Launch Diablo 3, yet, StarCraft launches without any problem - Why???

I've tried all the recommended fixes, re-installed it several times, I just downloaded StarCraft and it launches without a problem, but when I try to launch Diablo 3, it states that the game is running but then goes to a gray screen, then goes back to the startup menu. This game was running without issued for over a year - so why is this happening?
The description of the issue sounds like the Razer Chroma SDK problems we've been seeing. If you have any Chroma peripherals, we suggest going through and uninstall Razer Chroma SDK Core Components.

Past that if there's still issues, please get back to us with a DxDiag report as well as a list of steps that you've gone through so far.
so why is it i have similar problems and do not run any razor products? i have a host of issues including sudden crashes without any warning as well as freeze ups that require hard shutdowns to escape. i cannot believe i am the only person experiencing these types of issues. i can run wow just fine with discord in the background, switch to d3 and cannot run discord without a ton of issues. try and use the social chat and it seems to be fine initially but sometime in i get launcher errors and "poof" ,kicked from chat. please, if i am totally alone with these issues tell me so, if not can you techs look into resolving some of these!
My Diablo is not starting aswell! I can launch it, but it shots down again.. Ivé uinstalled razer, and it is the same anyway
I can't run Diablo III. I have report ID number : 9FF20EB4-657A-472A-9439-827806570FF1
What is the problem?
The Nvidia drivers you have installed look to be about a year old. Let's grab the updated drivers here.

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