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i bought the deluxe edition and it gave me nothing but the crusader nothing else how do i fix this
Hello DaCapton,

You bought it when ?

In addition to the Crusader, you should have gotten some extra hero slots... you should have a total of 15 hero slots if you haven't bought the Necro DLC. Since you have 3 heroes currently according to your web profile, you should have room to create 12 more heroes.

As far as the Spectral Hound and the transmogs, those may be already in the Cosmetics (the mirror icon in the bottom right corner) for the pet or available from Myriam the Mystic for the transmogs... they may also show up in an in-game mail. Check the bottom right corner for a mail icon.

If all else fails, you will need to contact the purchasing section of Blizzard....
08/20/2018 12:36 PMPosted by Boubou
As far as the Spectral Hound and the transmogs, those may be already in the Cosmetics
Yes, Cosmetic Pets are automatically added to your Collections Menu.

The Transmogs you "Claim to Inventory" through the in-game mail. You will find two Transmog Books you "teach" to Myriam the Mystic.
I bought the deluxe and also don't have the other pets or sure if it changed anything really...
I don't have the bones or treasure goblin and bought it like a week ago. think it said it takes a few days sometimes for the upgrade to take effect
For sure, the treasure goblin is a pet for WoW (see )... so it's not going to show up in Diablo 3; same thing with the Starcraft 2 portraits, they're for Starcraft 2.

The Bones pet should already be in the collection, the helm & weapon transmogs and the 3 addition hero slots should be there by now... you may have to start a new game and check the mail for the transmogs to show up.

If you're still having trouble... get in touch with Blizzard Support here :

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