Kanai's Cube and the Horadrim lore

Lore and Story
Those short texts under every recipe raise several questions.

...was done, and the scars would remain forever. And so it was time for the final step, the one each of them had secretly hoped would not come to pass

What dark method did they use to craft the cube ? Did they use human sacrifice or summon demons and use them as material ?
...of the cave, ten Horadrim channeled powers, arcane and mystic. Ten felt their sanity slipping away. And nine averted their eyes as the cube came alive

Who was the Horadrim who didn't avert his/her eyes ?
Was that Tal Rasha, as he was the leader and brave enough to sacrifice himself to imprison Baal ?
Was that Kulle ? Was he intrigued by cube's power, just like how he felt about the soulstones ?
In time, the cube became the center of Horadric works. Every initiative or action required it, and those who survived its creation became increasingly haunted by its presence.

Did someone of the Horadrim die in the process of making the cube ?
He called the nine together, and declared that the cube must be put away, hidden even from them. Perhaps from them most of all. Seven of the nine concurred, and so the cube was taken, under cover of darkness, entrusted...

Who was the one who called the other 9 together ?
Only 2 out of 10 Horadrim involved in the creation of the cube objected. I think one of them was Kulle. Maybe he was power hungry and refused to let go of the cube's infinite capabilites. But what about the other Horadrim ?
As described in the texts, the cube has physical form and was forged first, then enchanted. Why didn't they destroy the cube and burn the design blue print instead ?
Natala's sacrifice saved the Horadrim from themselves, but her name must be stricken from the texts

What did Natala do to save her colleagues ( probably about the cube, but what exactly ) ?
Lorewise, after we found the cube and use it under Kulle's instructions, the Nephalem's progression become tied to the cube. Every of our actions is to provide materials for the cube's transmutation power.
Is this the "corruption" mentioned in the Dark Exile Scrolls ? Is it starting to take effect on us ( the player character ) ?

This could hopefully be explored more in D4.
All of your questions may not be answered here, but I found it to be an interesting read: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Kanai%27s_Cube

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