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- mmorpg.
- same 3D perspective.
- One difficulty. The difficulty Augments the deeper You get into the zones.
- huge world maps.
- items drop on the floor like in D2.
- Auction house.
- 4 Factions (Nephalems, Diablo's minions, Angels and Archangels, Mercenaries)
- Tribes (5th type of Factions of independent allies tribes made of any of the 4 Factions)
- Forts, garrisons and towns (personalized, conquered and faction bases)
- Forced PvP ( no PvE servers). PK on as well inside the Factions.
- No phased bosses. All mobs and bosses are singular for the server ( no duplicated monsters/bosses In phased out Server for all players). One Diablo. One Baal. One Duriel. One Andariel. One Mephisto. One Belial. One Mathael. One Imperius. One Tyrael. One Azmodan.
- Primal evil bosses drop Legendaries. Rare Mobs drop rare items. Normal mobs drop blues. ALL monsters have a chance(low) to drop Unique items.
- ALL items can be added to the Gear Juxtapose. Each piece of gear you find can simply be added on top of your gear (the Stats will add up). All drops wilL be quite rare.
- Magic find is defined With Runes. Runes have their own back up stash space (considerable amount). Infinitely added magic find with eventually diminishing returns on the chances of the find and the Quality of the item found.
- All classes will have their respective class skills and additional skills that can be added by scrolls. The skills that are added by scrolls are not class related and are completely different than any class.
- Magic immune items to specific elements both for players (gear) and monsters.
- ALL items are sharable. No BoPs. No BoEs.
- No max level.
- No seasons.
- No paragons. (Kryparian GTFO with your stupid idea)
- Monsters , including primal bosses may and will attack towns and garrisons and forts and villages unexpectedly.
- No SC mode . Only Hardcore servers.
- No Item drop upon death for players. However, players will have a personal stash in their villages / garrisons / forts / towns that will be safe even after death.
- Resources gathered from monsters and other sources may be used to upgrade defenses of the bases.
- Alliances can be made with Primal evils (for Diablo's minions faction) but no control whatsoever can be made about the decisions Diablo and other primal Evil will do. Same for Imperius and the archangels (for Nephalem faction)

wouldn't this be kinda cool ?
I'm sorry, but the Princess is in another castle.

Please try again tomorrow.
None of that is any kind of cool. Especially your forced PvP nonsense. Go play Aion already.
08/28/2018 03:57 AMPosted by Veinmetal
wouldn't this be kinda cool ?

I don't think so, no.
What a horrendous idea.
La-la-lala Diablo's World!
Forced pvp and forced Hardcore servers?
Just no.
Occasionally I find myself wishing new threads had a screening process.
not only are those horrible ideas for a diablo sequel, those are horrible ideas for any game whatsoever.
i prefere an RPG or aRPG or MMORPG:
where the general difficulty stays the same throughout the story
-by balancing character and mobs correctly step by step
-the endgame should be: wanting to play again, not to keep grinding
-no grinding, no speedrunning, no work, no complexity, only RPG fun

that's the difference between PvE and PvP:
-enough PvP genres and games to choose from...not the RPG genre
-bots or icy-veins should be obsolete: killed by the genre
It never fails, almost every year as we approach blizzcon, we get people asking for a Diablo mmo game...
Forced PvP?

Wouldn't buy it for a dollar.
08/28/2018 03:57 AMPosted by Veinmetal
Auction house

I stopped reading after this.
I have been asking and dreaming about an open world full 3D diablo game.
Maybe someday
This sounds...... Lame. No thanks.
wouldn't this be kinda cool ?

Anything is better than MARIO kart racer grift 3
Sure glad you are not in the gaming industry OP.
- once the players above died, the soul stone can be looted from their corpse and used for infused powers. Additionally, each class will have specific utilities. For example the necromancer can loot the severed head of the victim and use it as offhand. Heads can also be used as trophies on the walls of the base rooms. Mercenaries can revive the victim and make them their slaves.
- Aion sucks. Only Blizzard can make great Diablo 4.
- since HC and PVP players are only 5% of the player pool, then this thread is only about the singular HC PVP PK server amongst the hundred servers.
08/28/2018 03:57 AMPosted by Veinmetal

NO. If you want an mmo, play WOW, if you want an arpg play Diablo.
All the rest of the ideas are even more terrible.

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