Dying too much in Rat Speed Builds

Dying too much in Rat speed build...

Does anyone have a good Rat speed build, for T13, bounties, and / or fast GRs that doesn't have me dying ever 3 seconds?

I'm using the standard Rat build: https://www.diablofans.com/builds/93412-singularity-speed-txiii-gr85-speedfarm-build

Can also see my current build in my profile.

It's decent at first, melts things, but I die when anything sneezes at me. I can get mages up for the first frozen lands proc and melt things for a bit, but then as I'm dashes about looking for the next pack, I die the moment anything touches me. Also, most rifts just aren't dense enough to support me keeping mages up, so I end up waiting on timers and not having the tidal wave of damage to just keep pushing.

With dying so much the build just seems really tedious and not fun. Any recommended changes? I know I could swap to gold wrap, and esoteric, but that's a decent damage loss, and gold wrap doesn't help me in GR. I've played glass canon builds before, but this is kind of ridiculous.

I'm hoping it's just play-style or something.
Doesn't ratma need like another necro doing corpse/globe support? I'm pretty sure the dps ratma is meant to be supported, if you're trying it solo it's not gonna work. I could be wrong, I don't do rat runs
There's plenty of Rat variations I've seen for T13 and speed solo GR. There is ofcourse a version for group that is the meta that requires support (mostly for essence generation though).
If you are only doing t13's or split bounties then just swap out powerful for esoteric gem. You should still have plennnnnnty of dps without it and you will pretty much double your toughness.
For t13/bounty change requiem+nem+rorg+powerful to Reapers+Avarice+Boon+Goldwrap. You will never die.

I also prefer to put Releina + Stuarts in cube. It's a lot more damage and mobility.
The In-Geom build you're using is capable of 80/85+ but you have to be very comfortable with the build, and quite aggressive with Bone Armor, because it has NO mitigation. This build is amazing for t13 where you can use Goldwrap. For GRs and bounties though I would recommend more of a Blood Mage playstyle with Jesseth. Jesseth can still be quite speedy with RORG for Stuert's/Tasker, and a little tougher with Dayntees, the Jesseth Shield, and Esoteric helps a lot. I think I have a video of a Rathma/Jesseth Blood Mage I put on here once, it's like a 2 minute gr60, if that's the type of thing you're looking for, I can find it. But essentially just look up any Blood Mage build and if it's using Trag set, just replace the pieces with Rathma and pick a rune on Blood Rush, same !@#$ really.

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