Hey OG’s

Just wanted to stop in and say hello. It’s been a long while - and at this point, I’m not sure any of you are left, or at the very least, are watching the forums, anymore.

Long live the OG!
There are a few from way back, but certainly not as active now as they were then.
Hey there Bro it`s been a bit. Hope things are well with you. :)
Although I am not a part of the fabled "OG" crew, I have been here since day 3, and have followed these forums closely. Yours and the other OG crews posts have been extremely informative, and I thank you sincerely for the effort and time spent.

These days I only peek in once a week (if that) to see what's happening, and lately it appears as though this forum is mostly full of necro posts from yesteryear.

What a sad state of affairs.
Hey Omega i think day 3 puts you in the group. Apo geez your still around, awesome. Ryoko i still follow some of your stuff as always great info. :)
Hello there, old wiz fellas ! ; )

@Skelious : +1, I just discovered the DMO Frozen orb build today from Ryoko and liked it very much ! Something refreshing (with the Ranslor Folly ...) and cleared a 95 on Season, today ! :P
@Gelador awesome, Ryoko always has good stuff.

Coincidence? Melkor makes a post blizz comes out with Diablo news. :P
It's like Schrödiablo's cat- Melkor has chosen to look into the forum and from this day on all possibilities collapse into the one reality we must now follow. The Gate stands ready!
^^^^ Cool stuff there.
@apo - I always count on you to say hello. How are you? What do you do with yourself these days?

@YORI - You’re the reason I wrote this. I saw someone posting about the #1 Wizard and I was thinking to myself, “Uh, that’s YORI...”

I wish there was a way to get everyone back together, but alas, that ship has sailed.

Where is D4?! That would do it, I’m sure.
Forum ate my reply? Buggy just like old times.
Anyways... I'm doing fine. Playing mostly Hearthstone and Warframe now. Still checking the forums daily - out of habit, but also for exactly this kind of thread.

Otherwise, same old, same old. Not a lot has changed in the last couple years and I'm pretty okay with that.

What are you up to now?
yeah d3 would bring everyone together, we are tired of d3.

Hope you're doing well, man. And I hope that the new Diablo stuff they're working on is exciting enough to bring everyone back together again. Those days were really fun. An amazing community can make an already great game sooo much more stellar.

Take care, and I hope more of the old guard pop their heads in to say Hi.
O my gawd I can't elieve posts like this are allowed to exist on a forum of this nature. We are suposed to b discusin th e cutting egse wizard bilds to advance to grate rift 285. That said...

I've still played every season. Although very casually these days. Currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn, HuniePop, FF9 (PC port), and lots and lots and lots of Pokemon Go (over 30 million XP).

I'm not even kidding, once in a while this odd song will pop into my head. It goes like "Frost nova is so OP and imbaaaaaaaaa--criticalmass'llbreakyafingaz." Makes me want to boot up the 360 to remember what a real D3 wiz is like (CM still playable that way).

@apo Good god man! Always Ctrl+A Ctrl+C a post on the D3 forum.

@Melkor I was hoping to see a post like this when I checked the forum today.

inb4 yoda
Dont have the capacity in me to play much more.... but always good to see some old faces around.
Boostuh! Malakai! My old friends!

Things are good for the Melk. Still not married, I’m afraid. I started a new jobs a few months ago. It’s all going ok. Healthy (enough) and not broke.

I’ve been playing the MTG arena beta. Got myself invited somehow. I really like MTG, and no, I don’t like hearthstone and/or any other card games. I literally have 0 time for more than 1-2 games every other day.

I can’t even think of playing D3 anymore. I don’t recognize this world. And that ain’t a Batman/Alfred reference.
Toasting on an epic bread.
Good to see you all here.

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