Imperius Journal 1

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They say I am corrupt.An unbending tyrant,filled with blacks and whites.
Do you really think I was born this way? I had my own colors.
Before I rose to Archangel Status I was a Purifier.They call me the greatest warrior in all creation.I say the otherwise,i have failed my mission.

The unity of our council,our family has been shattered.They say it was the WRATH of Imperius who destroyed the unity.Let them believe in that.I stood by his side when Izual was taken into black abyss,a terrible void entity was summoned inside of him.He was forced to fight for Hell,leaving us forever,to our selves.Izual was one of our greatest champions who managed to stop combined mights of hell lords in front of the gates.He was better than me.
They think Imperius is the villain.I was inside the black abyss along with Izual.Fighting monsters,for an indefinite amount of time.They were endless,they were always coming,they had no end.I wanted to save a brother from their corrruption and kept fighting.Fighting until i turned into ones and zeros.That was the power of the Void God.

Void God demands extreme obedience.Does not tolerate failures.I was afraid,i followed orders,countless orders but this was something else.Void God had no speech,it is pure emotions.You just know what to do.Nothing needs to be told.
They sent me into missions to decorrupt lands,it was the exact opposite of what i was doing.
Walking into corruption and getting out with your sanity is not given to anyone,but i found my way.I was given a chance.

I proposed an alliance to the Void God,kneelt before him.Begged him for the safety of my siblings.That was the day Void God told me one thing,in speech


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