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Right after Season 14 started I had gotten a brand new Gaming PC that came with AMD FX-6300 6-Core 3.5 GHz (4.1 GHz Turbo), and AMD Radeon RX 550 2GB Dedicated Graphics Card (my first time going with AMD). Ive played a couple other games and everything is fine i may get that occasional lag spike here and there but when i get into D3 and do something rather it be a Rift or a Bounty with in a couple minutes my PC seems to either shut down or restart, but it's not like a full restart instead seems to just stay more on the one section even after me hitting the PC's "restart" button. The PC is from ibuypower this is also my first ever 'Gaming PC' i would normally play games on a Normal style PC.
Will be helpful if you have any error message.

This support article contains procedure for troubleshooting/resolving crash issues:
I'd first try steps #2,4,5 and steps #4,5,6 in Advanced Troubleshooting section.

If problem continues, get the DxDiag output and post the content (use the </> on the toolbar to enclose it with [code] tags). How to get DxDiag output:

If the issue continues after troubleshooting with the steps above. You may try going to options and limiting your FPS. Options -> Check: Max Foreground FPS -> 60. This could be a power supply or power delivery issue when the system is under load. Since the system maybe new it's worth contacting the manufacturer to see what they recommend.

Thank you.
Same thing just happened to me. Windows gave me this error code to submit to Blizzard.


I just clicked to walk, and the program closed completely.

Will try those steps above, but maybe that error code will help, thanks.
I've done a few of the things mentioned above and still getting some of the issues when i came across some posts bout some sort of issue with the AMD Raedon 550 graphics card. Could this graphics card be my issue for my PC reloading/shutting down?
If the PC is fully shutting down that is a faulty/weak PSU. If it is rebooting/restarting it is a crash and can be from heat, drivers or failing hardware. You would need to look in event viewer or with something like Nirsoft BlueScreenView to see if there any dmp files.

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