Unstable Anomaly didn't proc, wizard died

Was doing greater rift, Torment X, had Aquila Carcass and the ring in a Cube that reduces damage taken by 80% while your storm shield electrocutes enemy.

Got Raziel as a rift guardian and he one shot me and my cheat death passive didn't proc.

I guess next time, if I decide to play wizard I gotta be sure to have at least 2 pieces of Firebird set on me, for resurrection ability.
Cheat death always procs. It's amazing how every time somebody complains about it, he's brand new to hardcore and/or the class.
wizard can be pretty tankie but you can die in 1 shot if your buffs isnt on and cheat death always proc, you probably die twice really fast so you didnt notice the proc.
Thanks for replies guys.
I'll take quick double death as plausible of what happened.

I was tactically retreating waiting for my Archon cooldown to be ready, so my Storm Shield (with ring that gives damage reduction buff, Raziel the Rift Guardian wasn't even on my screen) could not be procing and at that time I could be only under Aquila Carcass protection.
What killed me was some tiny projectile, that's why double quick death is weird happening for me but it is possible that this tiny projectile that hit me did some damage over time debuff or it is also possible that there was second tiny projectile that I didn't noticed.

Anyway, next season I'll get some video recording program to have some evidence in case of next death.
if you was too far away for more than few seconds, the electric shield 80% dr buff was probably off, its one of the problem of that ring and that skill, really effective but sometimes the storm dont apply because its a chance of and your buff goes off and let you with a huge lack of dr% lol, happen to me sometimes in gr100+ farming, can be scary but its why hc is the only way to play
Raziel shoots a particle electron beam that acts the same way he poison jets and w2asp stingers do and if you got hit by a beam, the likelihood that you were hit by multiple particles is very high. if one proced you, the second would have killed you before you could have blinked.
09/09/2018 11:27 PMPosted by LuckyTiger
next season I'll get some video recording program to have some evidence in case of next death.

Nobody will care. You died, cool story bro. We all die.
09/09/2018 11:27 PMPosted by LuckyTiger
I'll get some video recording program to have some evidence in case of next death.

your character will still stay death evidence or not. that wont change
Yeah unstable anomaly is a terrible cheat death passive, you can 'die' again instantly
Is there anyone that has never lost an HC character? Probably not. Part of the game. I agree it does always proc. What happens is generally the character is bombarded with surrounding damage immediately after it has proc'd.

In saying that, at the moment, the only moderately safe region to play HC is The Americas. Europe is laggy and ASIA is a joke, with rubber banding making the player almost nauseous.
UA has no invincibility period and D3 being a game where numbers are just about meaningless that 400% damage shield can either never be tested at all or break in the same instant as whatever massive damage spike spawned it.

This is the sole reason I use FB 2 instead of Mantle of Channeling and Unity which is the standard. Even then you can still double pop and perhaps even die outright in an instant but the window is much narrower and the game gives you a chance you can react and get away from whatever damage spike insta gibbed you (probably Storm Armor ring dropping).

The only real solution is don't take D3 that seriously, 50 hours of being casual gets you a bunch of Ancients and then there is nothing left but grinding Int so just do that and don't care if you die from some BS.

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