Season 15 double Cache buff not working

Console Bug Report
Hello, I just wanted to make a bug report and let you guys know that the Horadric Cache bonus is not working on consoles. Completing the bounties in an act only reward one cache instead of two.
Having the same issue, not one reward I've received has been double
Same thing here blizzard please fix the problem I completed 4 bounties none got the double chest
Still not working. Only getting 1 cache.
Same issue! Any updates?
Yup, what they said.
09/22/2018 08:30 AMPosted by Gabolites
Same issue! Any updates?

Honestly there probably wont be any updates till Monday, dont think anyones there on the weekend.
Yep, no double caches still. Guess Monday is the soonest it would get fixed.
Having the same issue on Xbox One
In a discussion under consoles general they said they submitted the patch to the console companies but they have no control over when they will be implemented. They are trying to message them for an ETA.
Xbox one same issues.
Same, only getting 1 cache per set of bounties :(
Ditto on the problem!
PS4 same here
Same here, Xbox One.
Still no fix.
Same here. On PC it seems to be fixed, but at the consoles it doesnt work.
Not 1 person @Blizzard can
post an update on this? I understand if you need time to fix, but at least acknowledge the issue for console.
The double cache seems to be working on PS4 now.
Zeptek is correct. Double caches are currently working on PS4.

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