Top Tiers don't use followers?

I've reviewed the Top Tier top 10 of each hero to see how I can improve mine.

I'm currently at P1075 and GR 80+, but I use my followers for three reasons.
1.) Unity Ring
2.) Crowd control through their programmed attack modes
3.) Maximize their weapon use with buffs.

I'm amazed!! None of the top leaders use Unity Ring. I see a few buffs where damage reduction exceeds 50% for a timed duration (Band of Might 74% x 8 seconds).

My only thought is that they must be constantly recharging this with continuous use of whatever skill triggers it.

Any other thoughts?
Maybe they move around more to avoid damage? Maybe they prefer the 200% buff of CoE rather than damage (taken) reduction? I found Unity useful under 1000 paragons but then CoE was a far better choice for me.
This thread is in the wrong forum. It should be moved to the general forum probably.

With regards to the question itself, some players don't use a follower to reduce the number of monster targets or for lag reasons. For some builds, players want all monsters to focus and chase the player and not be distracted by other available targets (especially for builds with no targetable pets).

You will also sometimes see players using a follower but with some skills not assigned (hence the follower icon prompting the player to pick a skill appears in the corner). This is useful for builds focusing on crowd controlling effects and their precise timing and positioning. If a follower slows, stuns, knocks back, etc. an enemy, that enemy gains some resistance for the next crowd controlling effect (such that it lasts less time). With enough CC procs, some enemies become temporarily immune to CC effects with short durations until the CC resistance decays with time.
When is PvP coming out for this game?
A lot this also PURE LUCK. If you get the right map roll, monsters and pylons.....yup you can make some serious progress when pushing.

I know players that open and close GR until they get a good map roll to start with.

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