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Where are the players at? I don't know if there's something wrong with my game or what. I tried to do some party play while leveling and all the games had 0 players. Once I hit 70 and tried running rifts, nobody was playing at any torment difficulty. Am I doing something wrong or are people not playing?
I hit 70 and paragon 200 first night, and as soon as I unlocked t13 there were games going.
I play private games.
09/23/2018 07:28 AMPosted by Clarity
all the games had 0 players

That sounds incredible!...does Cheetah know about this?
wE are out there. I have had no problems getting a game in adventure mode.
Just came to the forums to ask the same thing, been trying for 5 hours, no public games at all from t1-t10 ( not ready for t13 yet so cant check it)
I've actually noticed this as well. It's insanely frustrating to do bounties solo due to how poorly balanced the rewards are for solo play, and In T13 I've found no games available, whereas in other seasons I'd have no problems finding these. At least we have this double cache thing going on, making this half as annoying, but I'm wondering if people have actually left the game for good, or if it's just a matchmaking bug.
I haven't played in several seasons but I can tell you there's a hell of a lot fewer public games available than the last time I played. I was bored of BfA so I bought the necro just to try it out.

I'm probably not going to end up finishing the season journey anyway though. I have the pet, I don't care about the stash tab or the portrait frames so... all there is left to do is farm paragon and gear upgrades so I can do the exact same thing I'm already doing with larger numbers.

Hoping for D4 announcement at Blizzcon.

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