When is PvP coming out for this game?

Title says it all. Thanks
Was asked without answer since 2012.
Never dude, only thing we got is the brawl bs, and the youtube video showing what PvP was supposed to be
which is why this game can never be actively played. There is no competitive interaction. Game blows.
10/19/2018 05:21 PMPosted by Midnight
Was asked without answer since 2012.

I am baffled as to why especially when they showed off PvP arenas at Blizzcon 2010
OMG the Bait and Switch to get people to buy the game:

wtf i bought this game like 4 months ago cuz i loved my d2 classic pvp characters ... thinking that it might b the same here in d3 but i see its just PVM .... i mean BVB bulls vs bulls

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