Pay respects - F

perfect time to play path of exile, the real successor to d2.

why wait? you have nothing to lose now lol
can't understand why they doing this to us, frigging the guy above me has 10k posts - they dont even seem to care in the least how loyal we have been to this franchise

Iso, do you still play PoE?

It feels we left the game at the right time, nothing seems to have changed over the last 2-3 years...

The good memories from early D3 and early RoS.... Even forums seem to be empty, a game that used to have so many active players, people asking questions, guides being written, passion coming from every post, look at where things are now.
seems bliz is more proactive in moderating their youtube comments than their forums.
I'm out.

Besides the fiasco at BlizzCon and all that's wrong with their approach to a mobile platform, I installed the new MacOS Mojave the other day and the game is unplayable -- choppy & mini-freezes. I don't expect that will get fixed in the current environment

I'll be giving PoE and Grim Dawn a look...
blizz.exe has broken.
F un while it lasted.
F uture is bleak.
F are thee well!
They have been Effing for a while now on the general discussion forum...
Just saying! ;)
They should add a function into Hardcore mode that allows you to "pay respects" to the grave marking of somebody who dies in your group.

It would be... silly.

Your characters kneeling over the marking crying, bowing, laying down flowers or something.

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