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Wew... Shame that I can't open my spare popcorn bags yet.
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I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to anyone who took offence at any of my sarcastic comments, in my defense of Blizzard and the developers of Diablo. In my zeal to defend the one and only game that I play, I was over the top with some of my comments. For this I am truly sorry, as it now appears that some of you were in fact correct all along. Today's news is just too depressing.

Please forgive,

Former fanboy, now just in shock.


I was a Diablo fanatic on dial up.
My brother beat Diablo 2 before me just before he died.
I toured the old Blizz office that shared a building with a telecom company when Lord of Destruction came out.
I went to school to become a game designer because of this one franchise.

Diablo 3 broke my heart and my fan boyism. We hate because we care and I'm sorry we can't tell you things will get better.

Right there with you. Apparently the die-hard still die.
Same. I defended Blizzard and it hurts to be betrayed.

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