Activision: The Silent Killer

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Sup Blizz family. I found this among other small documentary's that outline the way Activision works. I think it covers a lot of good points and is worth your small 6-7 minutes of watching:
Watched this before. It is a good watch. Bump.
This stuff keeps adding up. Some good footage on EA and also another guy that takes a dump on Activision as well Headox :
-EA Mini docu:
-Activision mini docu:

Also outlining how much we keep hearing these messages such as ''We are listening to you, we hear you'' while still screwing over the community time and time again. Check these vid's guys. You want your answer to the cancer?

This is it.
Yup. Pretty much. Kotick is the enemy of fun.

He thinks he can trick us into being entertained.
Hey man we hear you and sympathize with you guys. Mobile Diablo still coming next year though and we are no where close to Diablo 4.

But we hear you guys. Have a nice day.
11/12/2018 01:36 PMPosted by Jezzicles
Yup. Pretty much. Kotick is the enemy of fun.

He thinks he can trick us into being entertained.

Check that out. You know when wikipedia has an article on how you're a blood sucking vampire, you're a bad person.
Wow. This before the fiasco of Blizzcon 2018. It actually makes sense seeing the disconnect that Activision Blizzard has with their Diablo customers. The guy should update it as Diablow Immoral continues to prove his point.
Let me just drop something here... 20% of all CEOs are sociopaths.

Sociopaths are often driven by a profound need to increase their influence and expand their reach on the market they choose. They are neither stupid nor clueless... they are simply focused on what matters most to them. A sociopath does not understand the basic human needs of their customers or what those customers want, they only understand that a specific decision will lead to a specific goal.

One thing that is somewhat good about them is they tend to adapt really well when their own well-being is affected. Shareholders angry about a bad quarter or a big decline in sells. What is bad is that such adaptability can lead to unwanted consequences for their customers, such as popular businesses being closed to save money, instead of fixing the problem. They feel no remorse for the devs losing their jobs or the customers losing what they like.

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