Lets rename and meme Diablo: Immortal

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Diablo Immoral
Diablo Toilet
Diablo: !@#$
Diablo: pointless edition
Diet diablo
Diablo lite

lets make a new name and stick with it
meme this famalama
Diablo: big immortal D up fanbase's bums
D4 reaper of cell phones
Diablo: Overpriced Toilet Paper Edition
Diablo: Bathroom Break Edition
Sorry, it will cost you 5000 gold to rename the game.

Which you can only buy in packs that will never add up to 5000....
Diablo Immobile
Diablo - Throne Edition (Throne = Toilet)
Disablo : Immoral
I'd been making jokes to my brother before Blizzcon about how "lol, hey, maybe they'll announce Diablo: Rivals", not really believing that would be the case (I was figuring probably a remaster). Ugh.

So that's what we've been calling it.
Diablo: Chinese money edition
Toilet Diablo: Turd laying edition!
Diablow: Complicity!
Diablo : Outsourced
Diablo impotent
Diablo: Immoral. The "T" is silent.
Diablo Not 4!

Diablo 4not

Diablo 4 pause not

Diablo 4


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