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There are only 4 Classes in the Game but each Class is a combination of 2 different former Classes. Every Class has 16 Different Active Skills. A Skill has 4 Different "Runes" and you can use 8 Skills for Gameplay.

Witch Warrior: (Combination of Witch Doctor and Barbarian)

Berserker Rage
Seismic Slam
Summon Zombie Dogs
Summon Gargantuan
Summon Vodoo Fetish
Summon Fetish Army
Grasp of the Dead
Vodoo Cloud
Spirit Barrage

Battle Mage: (Combination of Monk and Wizard)

Way of Hundred Fist
Lashing Tail Kick
Exploding Palm
Seven Sided Strike
Crippling Wave
Cyclone Strike
Tempest Rush
Summon Elementar Orb
Summon Elementar Hydra
Summon Elementar Coloss
Summon Elementar Allies
Elementar Ball
Elementar Stream
Elementar Nova
Elementar Wind

Death Warden: (Combination of Necromancer and Crusader)

Grim Scythe
Shield Bash
Bone Armor
Death Nova
Bone Spikes
Bone Spear
Bone Spirit
Bone Wave
Summon Skeletons
Summon Golems
Summon Land of the Dead
Summon Army of the Dead
Steed Charge
Falling Scythe
Death’s Fury
Avatar of Death

Druid Shaman: (Combination of Druid and Amazon)

Swing Strike
Elementar Strike
Elementar Storm
Quick Shot
Elementar Shot
Rain of Vengeance
Summon Dire Wolf
Summon Grizzly
Summon Creeper
Summon Oak Sage
Shapeshift Werwolf
Feral Rage
Shapeshift Werbear
Elementar Fissure
Elementar Twisters
Elementar Hurricane
Elementar Armageddon

There are 4 Elements in the Game. Each Skill can Choose one Elementar "Rune"

Fire: 25% Chance to Burn Enemies, Burn deals 100% Damage per Second for 5 Seconds
Ice: 25% Chance to Slow Enemies, Slows Attack Speed/Movement Speed by 50% for 5 Seconds
Electric: 25% Chance to Shock Enemies, Shock Deals 10/20% Mana Damage per Second for 5 Seconds
Physic: 25% Chance to Stun Enemies, Stuns an Enemy for 1 Second and Interrupts Charging Skills
There will be no Set Items, only Uniques. If you want to go Glass Cannon, Tank or Heal. You need to use Different Uniques and Passive Skills. Also some Skill Runes provide Bonus for the Role you want to play.

Life and Mana have a automatic Regneration of 1-5% per Second.

Paragon System get's Changed. You can only Increase your Damage Rating or your Health per Paragon Level Up

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