Nintendo Switch Diablo review....

General Discussion
1. Solo game play is good. Joycon control interface is good.
2. Portability of nintendo switch experience is great.
3. you can pause the game whenever you want, as long as you like.
4. if you DC from server, your game can keep going. you only lose your teams.

1. i haven't figured out how to view teammates' gear.
2. can't type any message to communicate with other teammates.
3. no vote kick (or i dont know how)
4. rubberbanding / network lagging is bad in team games. (i don't think i cant play hardcore in there....)
5. games rehost: sometimes the game will be moved to another server. It's annoying.
6. if you are using google wifi, one you move from one google wifi device to another, you will get disconnected from server.

7. buggy:
1. at the moment when you/teammate close greater rift, if you click/talk to the merchant, you got a gray out menu and can never get out of there.
2. some duplicated design recipe stuck in the bag and I cannot drop/sell it.
3. item attribute: i don't think items can have elemental resistance and all resistance at the same time in pc diablo... but in nintendo it can. (am i right?)
4....some other bugs....
Did you tried the nintendo app for team speak? I think that u'r suppose to use it
The app doesn't work.
If it was diablo 2 HD on the nintendo switch I would buy it immediately but d3...
btw, i can't get amiibo to work.
when will the amiibo portal available to "click" on?

I watched how ppl do it in youtube, but I can't find it available in the menu.
@Luffy for the amiibo portal you can only open it outside of town I believe. You use the item in your inventory and then put an amiibo on your controller. It only spawns an epic mob once a day so its really not that big a deal.

At least that is what I get from using a Link amiibo.

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